Can You Believe It?

Four years ago, I made a post that basically said “I can’t believe I’m 13!”. Honestly, this makes me laugh.

Being 13 seemed so grown up to me, like, look at this:

Things I can’t believe:

-That I’m a teenager.

-That I can finally see PG-13 movies without my parents.

-That I can finally do all these amazing things like sign up for Facebook and YouTube now.

And then I turned 17 and can do all of these things my 13 year old self could only daydream about doing. So here, younger self, is a list of things you probably don’t believe either:

  • You’ll be a legal adult next year.
  • You can buy M rated video games by yourself.
  • You can finally rent/watch/buy R rated movies without your parents.
  • You can also drop out of school, but you have freaking goals so you’re staying.
  • You are the Dancing Queen. (If this were measured by actual skill, you would not be the dancing queen. Not by a long shot.)

The bakery is closed today, but hey, I get an early dismissal day tomorrow and may or may not be having cupcakes for lunch.


5 thoughts on “Can You Believe It?

  1. yeah, age is like… such a weird thing! :s
    I’m three months away from being 20, and especially being home over winter break it feels like i’m still 14 or so
    Although, to be fair, I’m studying animation and most of us ACT like we’re 14 XD

  2. Happy happy happy birthday!!!! (three months late oops)

    I feel the same!!!! I turned seventeen last month and now I’m driving and working and sleeping three hours and stressing about college and what?? What happened to when I was still scared of high schoolers?

    It is nice being the dancing queen, though.

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