Since people are writing hello-again posts, I figured I should I write one too. My last post was in February! D: Not much has happened, I do have some updates though:

  • I procrastinate so much. This isn’t anything new, but the severity of it is. I NEED HELP.
  • Still not over the fact that I’m in Grade 11 and everything is happening so much and I can’t even.
  • I have so many new TV shows and I think my inner fangirl is about to combust from feels. Does anyone here watch The 100?!?! I need to lie down just thinking about it.
  • In November I’ll be finishing Maths forever (providing I pass the exams) and I’m so nervous, oh god…
  • I’m only 14, someone save me
  • I went to school camp and it was pretty fun. Our little group woke up at 4am and walked down to the jetty to watch the sunrise, only to realise that the sun rose on the other side of the island. We’re idiots. XD But apart from that, we had fishing, making obnoxiously tall sandcastles, competitive/nerdy Chemistry contests, games of Bull—t and Snap… Fun times.
  • Doctor Who and Sherlock are back soon oh my lord
  • I go to university now! 😀 (I get to skip high school every Friday and go to lectures instead which is awesome.) It’s fun, I can’t wait to be there as a full-time student rather than a part-time student. I’ve been doing Anatomy & Physiology there and it’s really interesting, even if I am pretty crappy at it.
  • It is currently 1:40am and I’m procrastinating on going to sleep even though I have to wake up at 6am otl OK BYE

One thought on “gah

  1. omg procrastinating will actually kill me i feel you so hard

    but i couldn’t be prouder!! you are so very talented and mature and just aUGH!! ^^ ❤

    omg i wish
    i have like no time to watch tv which seems impossible because it feels like i never do anything, but somehow i'm busy enough to not have time to watch tv??

    omg yes that is just the best feeling
    I was in the last year at my college that was not required to take math, this year's Freshmen have to take math as a Gen Ed… MUAHAHAHAHA!! It feels sooo goood
    and you're gonna pass that class no problem, guuuurl!

    ^^ repeat the but somehow you are so gifted and mature and amazing but intensified because i know multiple 16+ people who act like tiny babies

    whoa, that sounds super fun!! 😀 Camps are always such good bonding experiences!

    I need to watch a LOT of shows! 😦

    Ahhh that sounds incredible!! I doubt you're crappy at it, and it's awesome that you enjoy it!!

    lol i feel you friend story of my life

    It's so good to hear from you and everybody again!! :'0

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