good life decisions

So not only have I picked up a NEW project, I have not worked on the NANN at all.

but it’s fine, it’s whatever, it’s COOL ITS NOT LIKE I ACTUALLY WANTED TO DO IT ANYWAY


anyway, the other night my friend came over and we watched series of unfortunate events, which was a TOTAL THROWBACK!! that was my favorite movie for ages!! I was violet for halloween like 3 years in a row, but klaus was my ultra favorite character!

the look of the movie got me thinking, and it made me want to make something really steam-punky, but i have nooo idea what i want to make!

i know i want it to involve people being awesome.

so if you want, you can give me a character design or something and maybe i will make an animation of them or a drawing, idk?? i just want to try out different styles, but i have no idea what i want to do (definitely nothing super long, haha)

so even if you just have a steampunky dress you want me to draw someone wearing, or if you want your BOTB character to swing an axe at someone with gears and stuff everywhere, let me know! after a week of creative stagnation i am suddenly getting hit by this wave of “OMG DO THINGS DO ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE”

this is kind of the style i am inspired by/aspiring towards? end credit style stuff

so just let me know what you guys think/want/idkk help what am i doing


2 thoughts on “good life decisions

  1. This seems freaking awesome. I wish I had half of the motivation and ideas you do right now.

    Excuse my useless ramblings: A lot of steam punk fashion is based on the Victorian era, I believe? Though there are some steam punk elements based on the Wild West as well. Maybe include futuristic machinery powered by gears and steam? If it’s BOTB themed, the characters might have to build a portal back to Mir or something?

    The game Alice: Madness Returns has some cutscenes in a similar style, though they are definitely more gory and grotesque. I’ll try to include a few that will hopefully help you achieve the style you’re wanting.

    [X] [X][X]

    1. oooh omg awesome!! thank you so much for the refs!
      i still have nooo idea what i want to animate, i just know that i wanna do SOMETHING!! X0
      it’s probably for the best, haha! i need to finish the 455894 other things i am working on before starting something new!

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