A few quick (maybe…?) questions!

OK so first!!


what is the mythos of mir?

is there an already determined presence of creatures and fantastical beings? or is it pretty open, or some sort of mix of a bunch of folklores! (I remember at one point we had the idea that Mir was like a patched-together land, the culture based off of the various explorers who had found it and settled there, but I know that Mir has come a LOOOONG way since I last clocked in!)


what is the culture?

is it the aforementioned melting pot, a distinct entity of its own, or based off of a certain cutlure?


what are your characters’ relationships?

like are there any secondary characters or love interests or painful memories that haunt them? if it’s a secret piece of their past, you don’t have to type it out. but a vague indication of what issues might bug them or inspire them would be nice!

*this one is more just to help me figure out where the NANN are going and how your characters fit in, so if you want more time to think it over I don’t need an immediate response.


2 thoughts on “A few quick (maybe…?) questions!

  1. 1) Honestly, I always saw Mir as adaptable to anyone’s imagination, so its mythos includes anything you want it to have! Dragons, pixies, even gremlins, whatever.

    2) The general idea is that it’s very medieval-y, definitely not modern — injustice in classes, swords and bows and such. But still diversely fantastical, and probably a bit more advanced in general knowledge. More specifically, each region on the continent is probably similar to another old culture — like one may be based off of the ancient East, one may be more old European, one may be like the tribal Oceanic, etc. (sort of like how Westeros or that one universe from Tamora Pierce’s books worked maybe??) I like the idea of explorers settling. It’s all up the the individual author!

    3) RA’s past is super duper angsty to the point of being annoying!! I might have to change that about her, I dunno. But at the moment the three major figures in her past include: a former best friend who went evil and tried to kill her (Aren), a former frenemy she was intensely jealous of and who ended of with aforementioned evil dood (Tabitha), and an almost-love who ended up leaving (Kealan).

    I have this post that details my own perspective if you want to see: https://theaftershocksremain.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/universes/

    Sorry that I ramble so much D:

    1. ahhh no you ramble not at all!!
      this is perfect!! thank you for taking the time to summarize everything for me! I’m wayyyy too lazy to go out and research it myself ^^”
      and schweeeettt! i think i know how i’m going to incorporate RA, and this information is really great to have!! *U*

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