my family and i are gonna be camping for the next week or so and I probably won’t have a whole lot of time/opportunity to post or talk with you guys! 😦

but on the excruciating (as always) plane ride, i read some of my old scottish folklore books and stumbled upon a story I thought was really cool/spooky! :0

it’s called the doomed rider!

I did a quick sketch based off of it, i was trying a more simplistic style (mainly because i’m lazy and didn’t want to draw anything detailed) so I may revisit it


“the hour has come, but not the man”

the story begins from the perspectives of a group of men working by a river. they hear something splashing about in the water behind them. They turn to see a kelpie hovering above the water.

“The hour has come, but not the man,” she says as the workmen step back in shock.

they try to puzzle out the meaning of this cryptic phrase, but the kelpie will say nothing but her mysterious prophecy.

suddenly, the sound of galloping hooves pull the men out of their spat with the siren. A horseman is approaching, and the meaning of the kelpie’s prophecy dawns on them.

“Sir!!” they cry, running up to the rider, stopping him in his tracks, “you cannot cross this river!” they relate the kelpie’s grim prediction and beg him to wait out the hour in a small church near their worksite.

the rider reluctantly agrees, and goes into the church to wait. The workmen return to work and, when an hour or so has passed, return to the church to see how the rider is doing.

to their horror, they find him submerged face-first in a water trough that runs through the church–despite their efforts, the kelpie’s prophecy came true.


6 thoughts on “VAYCAY

  1. Yayay camping is so much fun!! Except bugs…but I hope you have a fabulous bug-free camping trip!

    Oh snap, that’s what happens when you try and escape death Ö This kind of reminds me of this compilation of stories I once read, called Machine of Death. Only it’s Machine of Death: Terrifying Scottish Folklore Version w/ Terrifying Women.

    1. yeah!! we are in colorado, so it was nowhere near as buggy as florida! ^^
      hahah yEESSS
      omg i’ve been reading bunches of books on celtic and scottish folklore and the stories are so interesting!!
      one of my favorite stories is about a woman whose husband said to the king, “Hey, i bet my wife could outrun your fastest chariot!”
      and the king was like, “Oh yeah? prove it!”
      so he went home and was like, “yo, wife, you have to outrun this chariot!”
      but she was like SUPER pregnant and asked him to, “please, see if you can get the king to forget about your bet?!”
      but both men were too proud to put the challenge aside, so she raced the chariot while mega-pregnant, WON, then gave birth to twins and cursed all the males in the kingdom to constantly suffer the pain of a woman in childbirth!!

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