well, make me accountable and call me a biscuit

ok first who decided that you spell biscuit like that

second!! Nicola, i fIIIINALLY got around to drawing Pandora!


also, RCG, i have no idea if you wanted me to draw Raven Avelina but THAT’S TOO BAD



but yeah, basically i have no idea if these are accurate/in character or not but here’s my best guess!
also please speak up if you want something changed because as of now, these are gonna be their character designs in the NANN

these drawings were just the first step in my plan to ACTUALLY DO THINGS this summer

now, I know what you’re thinking, “katie, you have said that like a quintillion times and it’s never happened. Why should this time be any different?”

well, for one, I’m going to actually TRY.

so here’s a list of things I would like to try to get done over the summer, and I want YOU GUYS to hold me accountable!

  1. Make at least 10 animations
  2. keep the nireth comic going
  3. keep my other comic going
  4. pass on the princess business/make new costumes
  5. god-tier roxy costume
  6. dream illustration diary



4 thoughts on “well, make me accountable and call me a biscuit

  1. bro these drawings are incredible! pandora looks just how i imagined her! 😀

    sounds like you’ve got a busy summer. don’t worry, i’ll make sure you do the things on your to-do list (because i seriously can’t wait for more of your creations) 🙂

  2. EVERYTHING SI BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for drawing RA! She looks amazing whattheheck you’re so good at this

    Good on you for trying!! That’s one step farther than many of the things I’ve ever attempted! Best of luck on your list — I’ll try and hold you accountable, but I can’t even hold myself accountable to things. 😥

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