NANN, page 2


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(all of the dark colors, none of the cohesive color scheme)


12 thoughts on “NANN, page 2

  1. Ah no, don’t leave me hangin! This is so so gr9 :O

    Btdubs, I wanted to add Nireth to the welcometomir tumblr page and ish. Do you have a particular faceclaim for her or any character info?

      1. Hey that’s alright!! I’m pretty behind on pop culture too. It’s for this page here:

        Does it work if I just use an ambiguous, faceless photo? It’s from the show Vikings, of which I have a totally unhealthy obsession x) I also have an unhealthy obsession with making custom Tumblr pages, it would appear…
        And yeah, a short two-line description would work!

        But since you’re an admin on that blog, you can totally feel free to edit Nireth’s section to your whims and desires.

          1. Here, go here and then scroll all the way down to the part where you can see all the pages:

            When you click on “/characters,” go to all the HTML stuff. Use ctrl+f or scrolling and eyeing (whichever floats your boat) and find the spot where it says “short description cannot exceed two lines blah blah” and fill in your own information instead. Then update preview, save, and voila!! sry if this is confusing i am supa bad at directions

              1. OOPS so it turns out I forgot to promote to admin sorrysorrysorry!! That may explain why you couldn’t edit the page…but now you should be able to!

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