so last night I had a dream that everyone thought I was charlie day?

(we’re practically identical!)

and I had been hired to play spider-man in some weird marvel crossover movie?

and i spent the whole time freaking out because i didn’t know my lines because i wasn’t actually charlie day, but thank god spiderman got violently killed at the beginning of the movie so I didn’t have to do anything but hang upside-down with my throat “slit”.

Also, it had weirdly religious undertones (there were two other super heroes killed and hung from the ceiling like spooderman, and–oh, by the way, we were hung in some kind of temple–we were referred to as “the fallen disciples”??)

now, i’ve always loved my iconography used in violent, disrespectful, and ironic ways, but this was just SUCH an odd dream it added another layer of what the heck??

but anyway, i did a quick sketch to get it out of my system before work



4 thoughts on “I…?

  1. Yooo I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Charlie is my absolute favorite!! I had to stop watching it a couple months ago because school is stoopid and sucks up time, but your post has totally inspired me to watch it again!

    You have pretty rad dreams, and your drawing is really cool in an eerie way Ö I think my dream last night involved watching tv…v interesting, I know.

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