Battle of the Beings?

Yo so what’s up with everyones’ characters? did anybody change appearance/personality/quirks anything? Because Nireth DEFINITELY needs a revision (Oh my god, looking back now i’m just like… WHAT?!) Looking at how lame she was makes me realize how cool YOUR characters are, and I want to do some art and/or animation of them!!


just finished a quick sketch of Nireth’s new look (maybe??)!


i am taking a break from a bigger project that I don’t really want to work on, so if anyone wants me to draw their character PLEASE let me know

like seriously

if i have to draw any more chains i’m going to drop-kick an infant


11 thoughts on “Battle of the Beings?

  1. NO WAY NIRETH WAS NOT LAME but she is super gr9 now too!!

    wow I hate thinking about how I was and how my completely unbelievable characters were back in ’10 – ’12 noooo why

    but I do kind of periodically keep up with this inspiration blog ( because I do think about my characters a lot! except more as a novel than what it was before but hey I’m not averse to going back to before!! (and if you want to join the tumblr just let me know!!)

    I miss this blog a lot (cry emoji here)

    1. Wait so have we all kind of relocated to tumblr now? :0
      and i would love to join the tumblr blog buuut i’d kind of have to make a new tumblr ^^” I’ve been meaning to make an art blog for a while, i just gotta get my stuff together

        1. lol same i just haven’t been on tumblr in like so long
          I think i accidentally commented as my art blog (there’s nothing on it ^^”) on the BOTB tumblr, I just finished making one for Nireth! i figured it would just be a good place to keep track of all de stuff I’m working on!

          1. Here goes!!
            Isabelle: sibellla
            Nicola: maliakiras
            Randy: aemricachavez
            Kat: kathleens-crazy-beautiful-life
            Ana: tridah-and-co
            AJ: waywardherondale

            I’ll add you to the short-lived, kinda old botb tumblr!! The email you used for your account is the spookykatie one, right?

  2. oh god i haven’t thought botb for ages but i really miss it!

    yeah, pandora has changed a lot. basically her name is pandora moreau, she looks like lady kenna from reign, and i can’t remember what her powers are… i think she has like telekinesis plus general magic or something like that?? just don’t trust her description on the botb page because that is way outdated. if you can skim through the novel i wrote for her ( you might find some more details.

    also — don’t bother following my tumblr because i got in too deep and ended up procrastinating for entire days so eventually i had to leave tumblr. D:

    but yeah if you have time i would absolutely love for you to draw pandora! you’re so talented omg

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