summer days drifting away, to uh-oh those summer nights


this post is split into three parts just so you know what yer getting into

  • summer
  • the tumblr dilemma pt. ii
  • battle of the beings ish

(also hello!! i’ve been meaning to post all summer!)

School ended May 21st. (I think? I’ve never been particularly great at dates!) That week, I sort of hung around and slept and avoided social obligations by pretending to not notice when my friends texted me.

I went to the beach in North Carolina for a week after that, and that was fantastic! The weather was nice and hovered around the 70s and 80s, which never happens in Tennessee summer weather. I felt a bit out of place and out of the loop the whole time, but that’s nothing new. I’m not really a beach person because I’m icky about getting sand all over me and in my clothes, but I adore just standing at the ocean’s edge and letting waves run to me. You can stand in the very same place, unmoving, yet the waves either pummel or give little sea kisses to your toes. That’s always nice ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

We went around and saw the four main lighthouses of the beaches we were at. Impressive, I suppose, but I’m not exactly excited by lighthouses. We also rode ferries and ate clams and saw crabs at night and ooh it was a lovely time.

Anyway, the highlight of my summer was going to where my sister and her fiance live and working with kids at an ESL summer camp. It’s crazy how anxious I was about it. And though this is my umpteenth time saying so: I am not good with kids. I find that I have to revise that now. It still holds true, but it’s alright — I may not be good with children, but even so they can still teach me things about life, and they can still bring a smile to my face at their antics.

If I go on and on and on, it’ll be too long, so you can read the rest of my thoughts on the camp at my stories blog. (it gets a little political, mind you)

Now that the camp is over, I find myself hanging around and sleeping and avoiding social obligations by pretending not to notice when my friends text me.

Not that I haven’t done very fun things there, though — I’ve been to the zoo, a local production of Hairspray, the first national tour of the Book of Mormon (which was hilarious, by the way), and a couple of movies. Overall, thanks to my sister and her fiance, it’s been a more productive summer than I’ve had in a while. I’ve gotten in 50+ hours of volunteering just from this summer, and it’s pretty fantastic!

Except for a couple of pesky boy problems. I’m an angsty teenager and boys are dumb.

But there’s no need to bore you with my drama, which brings us to the Tumblr dilemma…

I’ve been on Tumblr since 2010. In four years, I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought possible. No way am I Tumblr famous, but it’s lovely to log on and see my followers and my dashboard and activity.

Yet I’m also not Tumblr-saavy or friendly at all. I never send asks to people unless I know them from somewhere else. I never reply to others or reblog personal posts. I’ve got like 5 anons sitting in my askbox because I don’t know how to respond. Sometimes I’ll like or reply to a selfie to let people know I think they’re adorbs, but that’s about it. Coupled with the fact that I have pretty much no competitive spirit and am too reclusive / lazy, what’s a girl to do in the world of Tumblr?

Tumblr fulfills boredom, and it’s also a gateway to communication to some friends, and I also have some sideblogs I like to treat as mini-projects. The thing I’d like to do is distinguish myself and make myself something more than just another fandom Tumblr, but as aforementioned, I am neither competitive nor charming, but instead reclusive and lazy. Alas.

Can I make gifs? Yes. Can I make good gifs? No. We all know Rainfall is a lazy bloob, too, so there’s not changing that anytime soon.

I see a lot of people I follow always reblogging networks, promos, blogrates, etc. At the time of this WordPress post, I have reblogged exactly one promo post and nothing else. Which, I suppose, goes to show that they’re another part of Tumblr I tend to shy away from — I feel like I’d be compromising my morals or something by participating in them. And I know that’s totally stupid, because there’s really nothing morally reprehensible about reblogging those things.

And while I’d like to distinguish myself on Tumblr and maybe be a better blogger, I’d also like to distance myself as well. Sometimes I feel as though I go to Tumblr out of habit and nothing else — maybe to fulfill some sort of obligation to my followers? It’s a massive time waster, too, and school starts in 12 days (uggghh). I wish there was a button I could press that would freeze all of my social media accounts indefinitely.

And so we go onto parte tres, mis amigos.

I went with the trend and made RA a blog. It’s less of a roleplay thing like Camille’s, and more like a writing exercise where I characterize her — how would Raven Avelina think and act if she had a Tumblr? What posts would she enjoy enough to reblog it? How does her blog provide insight into her? Etc, etc. Gee, I sound like one of those discussion pages at the end of books.

I keep developing my characters, yet I never actually develop the story! It’s like one of those things I run for and then trip a couple times on my own feet in my attempt to reach it. I’ve got about five chapters done on her story, which is lame considering I started her story a year and a half ago.

You also may have noticed me going around and asking you what house you wanted for your Being. It’s becuase I sort of wanted to see if I would be able to use a mask and only bring out one portion of a black&white gif. It turns out I can, albeit badly, but I try my best not to abandon projects once I’ve started them. (loud laughing in the background because everyone knows this is untrue)

So, as it seems, Pandora and RA are in Ravenclaw. Rafa (formerly Phoenix) and Marala are in Gryffindor. Camille and Tridah are in Hufflepuff (I’m assuming about Tridah). Radiance and Raelynn are in Slytherin.

I’m hoping to do something like the above for every character now that they have face claims, but I keep running into issues…it’s hard for me to search my memory and figure out whether once face claim ever wore green, or if another face claim ever wore yellow, even though I’ve seen most shows and movies that each face claim is in. It would be a bit useless of me to download something and watch the entire thing only to find that my download I so painstakingly waited for is useless.

As I’m also doing two memes on Tumblr (frankly, two very stupid decisions by me) this looks like another project that will disappear into the depths of the internet.

I need to get myself together.

So, in case that was too long, I summarized everything for the concise reader:

  • I had a great time in the month of June, even though boys are dumb.
  • I want to stay away from Tumblr and be more productive, but I also want to be a better blog.
  • RA has a blog for characterization purposes.
  • I am bad at Photoshop and use too much internet.

P.S, you can still find the WTM blog here.

P.P.S, Ana, would you say that Tridah is Hufflepuff? Who would her face claim be?


One thought on “summer days drifting away, to uh-oh those summer nights

  1. I think we talked about this before, actually. She’s a Slytherin (like me ^^”). I dislike the notion that Slytherin’s can’t have a good alignment, because I think of them more as of outcasts, unlucky people, and just overall people with bad reputation than I would as genuinely bad people. Tridah’s an outcast. She’s an underdog. She desperately wants to be stronger and more respected by others, but she’s still seen as something small and insignificant. She tends to think a lot differently from others, and look at situations in different ways than most people would which lead to certain strange happenstances (i.e. deciding ML is a father figure). Though this could be seen as cunning in its own right, it’s still unusual and contributes more to her being an underdog. When I think gryffindor, I just can’t find myself thinking “hero”. You can’t say someone’s good or bad from being in a certain house. It’s just.. Biased. When I think gryffindor, I think “jock”. Just like with Ravenclaw, I might think ‘intellectual’, or ‘erudite’ or even “goth”, really. When I think Hufflepuff.. I can’t help but think of village commoners who delight in simple things like making puffy cakes and pies. That’s alright, but I feel like a Hufflepuffs are more inclined to be.. Simple. Simple people of simple value that delight in pleasant activities. Sheltered, almost, like I imagine a suburbanite or a farmer’s child would be. There’s nothing wrong with that, but something tells me.. Tridah just doesn’t want that type of life. She’s got ambition, and a good heart, but she’s not that smart and not quite as pushy as a gryffindor despite her dedication and determination. She is neither of those houses, nor does she possess the mindset of a hufflepuff. Tridah is a Slytherin. (Id be a slytherdor or slytherclaw, though dominantly slytherin, which I feel a bit conflicted about because IMO Slytherin is best house)

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