Guess what I did yesterday?

I watched HTTYD2!
It was really awesome, but I can’t stop wondering.. (If you haven’t watched this, it’s not spoilery as much as it is confusing so don’t worry)
Where was Drago Bloodfist even FROM? Where are any of the places, really? And how many dragon riders are there in the world, other than Hiccup and co? Also, there was that line, “practically the last of his kind”. Doesn’t that mean.. Toothless actually ISN’T the last night fury?
Also: how are they gonna feed all those dragons? You can’t expect me to believe that there’s going to be enough sheep and algae. I bet within a few months, there’ll be no more fish to eat in that area, and then the ecosystem-
Well, whatever, I guess I’m kind of just nitpicking a beautiful movie at this point. But it would be nice to have a movie that explains more about the world and how things work there and what’s happened, etc. instead of having to focus so much on a plot. Some really cool concepts were introduced, and I won’t knock em- I’m just saying it would be nicer if we were given more information, now that we know [insert spoilers here] exist.


One thought on “Guess what I did yesterday?

  1. lol i feel
    I liked HTTYD2–Mainly because of all the dragons (if you ask me, Astrid had WAY TOO WIMPY of a part!! Where’s the viking babe we saw in the first?!), but then we watched it like 3 times in one week for various reasons (screenings, viewings with friends, etc) and now I don’t really want to watch it again any time soon…
    BUT OMG!! We talked to one of the animators that worked on it and he showed us this AWESOME clip–he had imported a video of him roaring into a scene as reference, so it was just a video of a FULLY ANIMTED hiccup running away from his GIANT SCREAMING FACE!!! Ahahah it was amazing!

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