Sorry for the inactivity. I’ve been up to a lot, lately.

I had my trip to NYC last week,
Before that I went to wisonsin dells (for the scenery, not those silly waterparks. I can’t swim..) AND THIS WEEK (and three weeks after that I think?) I got Freshman Connection, where I get to meet new people and learn where to go/what’s where in the school! This is the single biggest one in the history of our whole city. >w< Yay!

My group was really nice! I got into it with two girls from my middle school, and everyone else was new. I met a lot of new people today, and I'm gonna have to remember all those names, but the thing is.. They all seemed really nice. A bit quiet and shy, granted, but nice nonetheless. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun at my new school.

In addition to that.. I think I might’ve made a good impression! At the middle of the day, this guy asked me something like “why are you so comfortable?” Or something like that. And before that, a girl thought I was going to the Drama part of the arts program. xD But nah, I’m actually just doing visual arts. Anyway, I think it’s pretty good that I seemed so outgoing despite my nervousness. Maybe that’ll help me talk to people even more, and make new friends!

Hopelessly hopeful,




    1. D: you don’t have it where you live? That’s strange.. Jon didn’t either. Huh, I guess maybe only some cities or schools have it. Day two update, though: HOORAY FOR STELLA, CARMEN, AND SID! ^w^ they’re all gonna be in the same arts program as me, and they seem really cool..! Also, Breanna/Brianna seemed to become closer friends with me today. She kept prank calling some sorta spam insurance company during lunch today; I was laughing my butt off xD I need to learn names of people.. Like, I know the girl with the short, bright pink hair is named Lois now, and that one of the girls (a really tall one I think) was named Kiki, and I also remember there was this pretty supermodel looking girl named Cleo and a girl named Sadie that said she’s sarcastic.. But I don’t really know them that much yet either. Also I think three of the.. Five? Boys in our group were named Davionte, Leslie, and David. was there also a Luis? Huh.. Anyway, TL;DR I still have to meet and hang out with the people here more. Hopefully, by the time we finish, we’ll all be great friends! ^-^ (I LOVE THE GROUP DISCUSSIONS THOUGH! PEOPLE ACTUALLY RAISE THEIR HANDS AND SAY STUFF AND SPECULATE ON HISTORY AND EVERYTHING OMG class is going to be so fun this year!!!!! ^w^)

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