Cookeh died this morning so I’m going to need some time off.

I’m better(Physically, anyway.)- I finally felt like eating, and took a nap this afternoon. Still a little bit depressed, but it’s just the first day.

I loved my baby Cookeh, but I’ve already poured out my feelings on less than an hour of sleep this morning on my personal blog. I don’t recommend reading it unless you like reading what tired, depressed Kat has to say about her poor, deceased kitty.

Thanks for understanding. 💙


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  1. I’m so, so sorry! I know this must be a really tough time for you, but I’m always here to be a listening ear if you need help!

    I’m sure that Cookeh felt so much love and comfort. You were there for her, not only for her last moments but for nearly six years, and that’s such a lovely thing.

    1. Thank you so much for your sympathy.

      I have some pretty good memories of all those years. I was the one who found her begged my parents to let me keep this furry little thing I’d brought into the house. It worked somehow.

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