So many less problems!

In one of my latest posts, I addressed problems. As of now, I would like to address how things have been going:

  • just came back from a day-long field trip, and I’m feeling awesome
  • I scored 255 on my overall score for MAP, so it’s the same score I got last time.. (But still in the 99th percentile!)
  • Finished the Algebra Exit Exam, but haven’t gotten my scores back yet. Fairly confident about ’em, though.
  • Syed’s New Friend will show on June 9th in front of a fifth grade class, and I think I got my lines right!?
  • still need to address the highschool friendship issue, but I won’t be the only person from my school that has to go to the highschool, so that’s a plus?
  • I may be able to cope with the vacation problem, with some help from my good friend Lepus

Well, that’s all for now!

that trip was pretty darn awesome


IMG_4562 IMG_4570 IMG_4575

;3 That trip was pretty darn cool. We saw some nice stuff that’ll come in handy as stock photos later on!

Other than that, we just took a bunch of selfies..

Anyway, that’s all for this post!  monokuma hi


6 thoughts on “So many less problems!

  1. ooh! a day long field trip? that is pretty awesome!
    hey you are in the 99 percentile! that is still really good! but hey at least you didn’t go down!
    I hope you did well on the exam 🙂
    Is that a play?
    Wait are you going into your first year of high school next year because it is not really hard to make friends! you join clubs and do art/music programs and join sports teams and it makes it waaay easier to make friends!!
    and ooh the picutures are really nice! looks like you guys went on a really fun field trip!

    hehe betcha’ havent heard from me in a while

    1. Thanks, I AM going into my first year (and WILL be taking the Visual Arts program [theres a lot of art curriculum but you have to chose maximum ONE program, though you can audition to many]), and yes- I have indeed not heard from you in a while. Let’s chat again sometime, perhaps? (If I’m right about who You are, then I apologize for never updating the Virus XXG stuff. I was planning to write more on it LAST summer, but.. X_X)

      1. I am sure you will do great! is your high school like an art highschool? oh yes! i have not been on wordpress for sooo long! definitely 🙂 (wait what…)

        1. No. Not an art highschool. It’s a wall-to-wall IB school (which means it’s highly academic), and my neighborhood one. You have to audition to get into an art program, and since I got in I’ll be taking two classes of art and can’t take an elective or foreign language class. I also got into Lane, a really good selective enrollment school (one of the best in the city and the place where my sixth grade teacher went), but they didn’t seem to have that advanced an arts program and I didn’t wanna have to take the bus to get to school.

    1. Thanks! ^^” and okay.. (but oh my gosh, I just.. We seem so unprepared for that play. XD) And yeah, it was a GREAT view! We went all the way to the top floor of a museum, and found it completely empty. When you stepped outside, you could walk around and.. Oh my gosh, Milwauke looked so beautiful. There was fog, which obscured a bit of the view, but it was all just.. wow. I’ve never been outside on such a high level, not even in my hometown (which seems to have a great deal of tall buildings..). [While I was out taking stock photos, my group was urging me to get on the elevator and catch up to the other groups.]

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