The Tumblr dilemma

Maybe I should just title all my future posts “the _____ dilemma.”

Anyway, I just implemented a tag page and a new tagging system for my ships on my blog. But then I realized, of my some 600 pages, only about 1/2 have tagged posts, and only 1/2 of those are properly tagged.

So I had the brilliant idea of going through all pages and tagging every post. Alas. I’ve got about 433 pages left, and I’m still in 2011. The problem with being stuck in 2011 is that I have to endure little fangirl me. I called people peasants, used the :33 emoticon very liberally, reblogged rage comics, referred to myself as a potato several times, etc etc. It’s mortifying.

The second dilemma is that I’d really like to get back into gif-ing, but the Photoshop I’m using is apparently screwed up, and it won’t let me transfer any video files, which majorly sucks.

I could make graphics, but…no. Graphics are off limits. Not only am I terrible at it, I don’t have great experiences with it.

The only time I ever tried was photo manipulation with Enjolras and Eponine, and the positive response from the shipper community was awesome, but the next thing I know, that picture is showing up as reposts on Pinterest, Facebook, and even Tumblr with more notes/likes than the original. I sort of sulked grumpily away from that area of Photoshop afterward.

So, gif-ing is my weapon of choice. It felt nice contributing to fandoms that way, especially if they were small and tightly-knit. I still cringe when I remember my crappier gifs from back when I didn’t know what sharpening, coloring, or psds were. But, still, it was fun.

The gif dilemma is that I first have to find a better download of Photoshop, and then I have to find something to actually gif. I’d like to do something related to Doctor Who or Harry Potter, but since Harry Potter is over and I don’t watch Doctor Who anymore, it’s hard to find something I like that hasn’t already been done.

Maybe a challenge? I once did 25 days of Sherlock, but that was quickly dropped. I’m sort of toying with the idea of doing Hogwarts sorting for my favorite characters, but that’s a bit cliche. Or even TVtropes, or dictionary definitions! What do you guys think?

The third dilemma is that I need to change my theme. I like the color scheme of mine, but I dislike how big the sidebar is and how it doesn’t show tags. I don’t want something flashy, but I also don’t want something too…not flashy?

Well, first world problems.

It’s hard to find something to do during the summer. Half my friends are traveling, and it’s so hot outside! For a couple weeks I’ll be stuck in Nashville, where my options are pretty limited. I can either play around with Photoshop, or binge-watch TV shows, which is practically what I’m already doing so far.

I’ve just finished Breaking Bad, and (SPOILERS AHEAD) actually quite heartbreaking. I know that Walter turned into the villain and everything, and though his fate was inevitable, it still left an empty space in my heart. I’ve just finished rewatching all of Community, and I think I’ll rewatch Arrested Development or Merlin next. I also want to start Orange is the New Black and actually finish Teen Wolf, but they removed it from Netflix! I’ve seen a bit of Torchwood, but it was too gory, though I adore Captain Jack. Hmm, so many options. I’m probably going to end up destroying my eyesight by the time school starts. What kind of shows are you all watching?

Sorry that this post had very little point! Just popping in!


6 thoughts on “The Tumblr dilemma

    But also, you could always use a tutorial to download photoshop and look at some tutorials on how to make certain graphics. i guess that could help with your graphic dilemma
    dictionary definitions would be cool!
    use a theme finder blog! those blogs are super helpful ^^

      1. ah now i know! and you know that too 🙂 i love it so much! i track the enjonine tag and read all the fanfics or drabbles on it!

        that sounds cool! good luck with that! i also have been wanting to download photoshop! do you know how to do that?

        1. Ah, I know! It’s my misfortune to fall in love with the heartbreaking ships!

          I use uTorrent and then look for Photoshop downloads from various torrent sites that provide it. It’s very simple, actually, albeit illegal. If you have Windows 8, like me, you might run into a bunch of problems…CS5 isn’t available for it, and CS6 requires the latest Quicktime, which happens to not be available for Windows 8…so I’m pretty much stuck without PS for now. Alas.

  2. Hey, there are tons of people who still gif RTD era stuff! And also plenty of HP fans. ^^ I’m doing Wibbly Wobbly Challenge, for DW, and it is really fun!

    I’m currently watching Orphan Black, which I totally recommend if you haven’t already seen it.

    1. I guess my problem isn’t finding an audience, it’s finding things that haven’t been done before! The fandoms sure are extensive! But I have a couple ideas written down at the moment, like Hogwarts sorting for DW characters, song lyrics for ships, and TV tropes and dictionary definitions for other favorite characters. I’m excited to get started once I have my laptop fixed!

      I’ve heard a lot about Orphan Black! I’ll have to look into it! I wonder if it’s on Netflix?

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