More Goddesses of Northeastern Tempestas

Ok there’ll be closeups don’t worry if you can’t read this~




and this, my friends, is why pen is superior to pencil.
I should probably write some more. Nobody really understands the goddess of nightmares. Not even chaos or evil! Nightmares seems to communicate in a series of grunts, moans, and shrieks. It is rude and animalistic, and prefers not to be bothered at all. Its counterpart, Dreams, is very well-mannered and kind. She tries to make time for everyone, attend events, socialize, and befriend as many people as she can. But no one who has something to hide would dare invite Dreams into their mind- so a lot of people are stuck to be Nightmares’ victims instead. Hence, why bad people tend to have a lot of bad dreams! ^-^
Note: nightmare can’t be good or evil, but isn’t exactly neutral. It’s indiscernible what Nightmares is or does, or if it even has enough free will or intelligence to know.


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