The language dilemma


Hello, folks and kindred alike!

When the time came around for sorting out next year’s schedules last semester, I did the standard going-around-and-asking-teachers-for-signatures thing. Soon enough I chose and qualified for the following: Chemistry, AP European History, AP Art History, Mandarin I, English II, and Algebra II.

Fine and dandy, right? But here’s the issue — I don’t know if I really want to do Mandarin I in favor of Spanish III now.

The other day my Spanish teacher called me over. I kind of nervously strolled over, certain I had done something wrong, but to my pleasant surprise I was informed I had actually, despite my substandard performance in her class that year, managed to get a gold award in the National Spanish Exam.

Naturally, I was thrilled, but then I realized that that would be my final triumph ever in Spanish, since I would be dropping the class.

And that’s where I hit my roadblock.

So here’s what I’ve managed to map out:

Mandarin Pros

  • Easy, since I can speak and understand it already
  • Very easygoing teacher
  • Lack of oral presentations and tests
  • Chance of meeting people I have more in common with
  • My parents are a reference for anything I need help with

Mandarin Cons

  • Colleges won’t like seeing someone who already knows the language take a class on it
  • The aforementioned easygoing teacher might not actually be around next year
  • I’m not really interested in going into business, the career sector most suitable for Mandarin

Spanish Pros

  • I can further see if I actually have potential with the language
  • Future possibilities of studying abroad in Europe or Latin America
  • Very, very useful in the United States
  • I don’t have to worry about getting pronunciation wrong and embarrassing myself
  • My sister is a reference for anything I need help with

Spanish Cons

  • Terrible Spanish program at my school
  • I fell asleep so much in Spanish II this year
  • A LOT of homework and tests!!! Guh!

I just don’t know what to do! It would be such a shame for me to quit Spanish when it seems like I’ve been doing well, but I don’t want to subject myself to even more homework if I’m taking two AP classes already.

I have at most a week to decide, since I have 10 days until the school year ends (phew!!!).

Which is both a blessing and a curse, since I have to a) maybe switch out classes b) take four more exams c) get a proof of attendance form for my driving permit (which I have procrastinated on for 5 months) all within those days. I can’t even go up to a salesperson and ask for help finding a product, so I don’t really know how I’ll go up to the scary office and ask for a bunch of official forms.

But even after school ends, I have to figure out what I’m going to actually do for the summer. I can’t just sit around and binge-watch shows like I used to (sheds a tear). I guess it’s mostly going to be volunteering in Memphis and stuff, but as I mentioned in the last post, I am no good with kids! And I really don’t want to be a massive burden on my sister and her fiance!

My phone contract is also ending this month, and now I have to figure out what to do since my parents really don’t understand that kind of stuff. It’s not like I really want to get a $500 smartphone, but I also don’t want an annoying piece of crap like the one I have now. But as of now I’m going to have to push everything out of my mind because I’m sort of preoccupied with exams at the moment.

And, speaking of exams, I’m practically tearing my hair out. Tuesday is my APHG exam, and I have not been studying as much as I should be! The practice exam was so easy, but then again, that doesn’t necessarily mean the real one with have the same content! Even with my textbook open next to me, I’m still on Tumblr and WordPress!!

The Biology exam was actually sort of hard, and the English exam was alright, but all I know is that they’re the deciding factors for whether I meet or fall short of my semester grade goals! Recently my Biology grade dropped three whole points, all because of two quizzes on the same day that, er, I didn’t really study for.

I guess I sort of have a good reason? I mean, the Fault in Our Stars tour came to Nashville on Thursday, and I simply had to go (by the way, it was a ton of fun)! I got a free poster (even though I have no more space in my room) and Ansel Elgort dancing was the best thing ever. And it turns out John Green’s hero when he was younger was Kurt Vonnegut, which is super neat because I really, really like his work! But then again, “Kurt Vonnegut” is the most cliche answer to the question “who is your literary hero?/who is your favorite author?” because everyone always says Kurt Vonnegut, and there was a part of me that just knew John would say exactly that.

I got home around 10, and after showering and eating, I was just too tired to do anything else. So that sort of explains why I didn’t study, even though I have adequate time to do so while waiting three hours in line. Truth be told, I didn’t go because I’m that interested in the movie, the Nerdfighter part in me just really wanted to see John Green’s dorkiness/awesomeness in person. He does the “running his hands through the puff” thing so much! And then John asked everyone to say “Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday” while he filmed and even though I promised myself not to be an obnoxious fangirl like the 7th graders two rows behind me, I screamed and jumped so loudly at that point. I’ll cry so much if it turns out I made it into a vlogbrothers video, even as a tiny speck in the crowd. I can already find myself in a photo on this article!


Alas, not too many fun days ahead of me at this point. I want to go back to when exams were a breeze and the final weeks of school were comprised of sitting around outside and goofing off.

But then again, as a freshman, I have it easy. So the jovial voice in my head tells me that it’s only going to get worse from here!

ggghhhhghhhhh (that was the sound of me slumping forward and gurgling in anxiety)

How’s your school year been? I hope your exams are alright! (this is a sidenote to say that I use parenthesis too much)


One thought on “The language dilemma

  1. My schoolyear has gone pretty quickly so far. However, I’ve been guilted by my teacher for not attending the city history fair this year because she felt I could go to nationals with my documentary on the Birth of a Nation controversy..And there’s the huge algebra test on the 22nd, plus the MAP test for reading this upcoming week (I scored in the 99th percentile last time, so it’s all downhill from here! T^T There’s a huge chance I’ll show the opposite of growth-regression! Or even just stay the same.. which isn’t too good, either!) Other than that, there are a lot of field trips comming up.
    During summer, I’ll have to go out of state for a week with my mom and since she’s intent on having at least a three hour road trip to get someplace it means I’ll be absolutely /miserable/ the whole time through..

    To be honest, I really think you should go ahead and take Mandarin. It’s good that you’ve achieved a lot in Spanish, but as you mentioned, you have a sister that can help you in that. If you learn your own language better, and study deeper into Spanish on the side, you’ll be just fine!
    Also: Are you kidding me!? Colleges not liking people that TAKE THE TIME OF DAY TO LEARN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE? And thus, learn more about their heritage? Umm, trust me- My grandpa on my dad’s side is a professor at Notre Dame. They do NOT look down on you for that! I’ve even entertained the thought of taking Russian classes in college- sure, I may speak and understand the language fairly well since it’s my home language.. But I write on the same level as a Russian second grader!
    So.. Just go for it! (woo!) I know it may not seem like such a distinguished answer, and that we don’t know each other IRL, but.. I just really think that you should go with Mandarin.

    Other than that: Don’t be afraid to do a tumblr block! I wouldn’t worry too much about this site, but tumblr is a wormhole when it comes to time!

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