Guess whose dad drove through immense hail tonight!


Anyway, I have a lot I’ll need to do, too!:

  • Standardized Reading Test
    Problem: Need to score above the 99th percentile
    Solution: There is literally no way on Earth anyone can do that; I’m screwed!
     despairangry yell
  • Musical on bullying ( Syed’s New Friend )
    Problem: My group is constantly joking around, and since I have the lot of the lines I need to remember ’em all! Also, I need to get them in line, and make sure we have it all scheduled and approved by the principal.. And then, people from the Holocaust Museum might go and watch the performance.. Oh gosh.. T^T
    Plus, I’ll have to sing and pretend to be a jerk at the same time! It..doesn’t really work out with my voice.
    Solution: Rap my way out of there and hope no one notices how unprepared we all are.
    ..Okay, not really.
    Solution: Hope the team gets their act together, and stop using a script during practice!
  • Ugh the algebra test
    Solution: keep doing homework, it’ll be okay so whatever. And if I fail, hey- no stupid Geometry next year! Woo woo! (I prefer to call it a win-win instead of a lose-lose.)
  • Ew a road trip with my mom..
    Problem: I can’t talk to her without becoming frustrated, depressed, yelling, or.. All three!
    Solution: Charge the heck out of iPod, sit in the back of the car, and pray to Kutkh she unlearns Russian and English (so she can only communicate in Ukranian)!
  • Making new friends next year
    Problem: how do I even

    Solution: Avoid everyone like the plague, and if they try to talk to you say you’re gonna spread it like it’s 1348 Solution: Just do whatever you did at that writing conference that one time and spontaneously get yourself a crew! Note: try not to let the vulgar, enraged side show..Perhaps try to manage your anger? DON’T LET THEM IN DON’T LET THEM KNOW…. WELL NOW THEY KNOOOOOOOOOW! Also, don’t act like those mean, preppy girls in sitcoms even though you could totally be awesome at it.
  • ew too much to write.. I have like, what, a series going on here, and maybe one or two more I’d like to start? Two stories on Wattpad I might like to continue a lot more?  especially the one about the evil cyborg sorceress that falls in love with a weak hero and joins an adventuring party full of good people so she can make sure  no one steals or kills her man. possessive much?

    Problem: I can’t write romance novels anyhow, no less something as complex and meta as I was planning on writing at first  When will I find the time!? ;-;
    Solution: Nope there is none. k bye

What are these? Tears? I seem to have lost my ability to think, due to all this ridiculousness.
What are these? Tears? I seem to have lost my ability to think, due to all this ridiculousness.

Other oddities:
-I saw the musical West Side Story on Saturday! It was great! ..But I kind of cried. Twice.
-I went to a science thingy so I could thing with bugs.
-The weather isn’t freezing!
Reading a lot of great comics lately! And I’ve RPed a bit with my other group one day, woo!y

-I’m working on remodeling my iTunes Library (or at least adding some more variety to it.. I have over 700 Umineko songs on this thing D: )
Screen shot 2014-05-11 at 10.06.07 PM

;3Look! J-Pop! And some Russian rock music.. Did you know Russians can do rock music? I always thought it was impossible, what with the way the language sounds and all.. But nope! After years of living in denial.. I finally found out I was wrong all along! What a pleasant surprise?
(there’s a lot more Russian hip-hop on here now, though, to be honest.)
But yeah, I’m super exited that I’m renovating this and finding album covers and higher quality songs for stuff, etc.



2 thoughts on “Refreshed

  1. Wow, you have a lot to handle! Good luck on your quizzes and musical (or, if I’m super late, then hope they went alright)! And I hope your road trip goes well. I think you’ll be fine with making friends. Some things just come naturally, and if they’re meant to be, they will!

    1. Hold up, when I get home from the Milwaukee trip (after 8 pm tho), I’ll post an update! It’s mostly good news, but thanks

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