WSAW 2: Promises aren’t forever

{Opening theme}

It was graduation day. The school Cybele and Sindri were studying abroad in, the Mirian Institute of Knowledge and Magic, had given the students in their class the diplomas and everything. The only thing left now was the class photo. Cybele should’ve been happy, but there was a churning feeling in her stomach. She had a bad feeling about what was going to happen that day, and she could only guess why. When Sindri returned to dwarven soil, what would happen? Would the gods strike her down? And what of Stone? Now that she had served her purpose chaperoning Sindri throughout lessonschool, would they throw her aside? Even more startling, was she was starting to wonder if she had a connection to the goddess Emmri and the First Tricked- the mountain goddess and the girl that released color onto the world. Although her makers had always reassured her she had next to nothing to do with the myth, Stone had received prodding from Sindri on the matter numerous times throughout the years, and was starting to have her doubts. If she had been entirely carved from stone… how could that explain the white hair and the softness of her skin? Not once had she turned to rock! (Author’s note: I know she turns into rock suddenly out of nowhere in RP, but this was before that started happening.) No longer had Stone felt the pride she used to in being the only one of her kind, and being valedictorian. Someone had been lying to her about who she was. And she wasn’t sure who.. or why, even.  {music to play now for the scene now}
Cybele straightened her black crown and walked towards the other posing classmates with a sullen, grim expression on her face. They took the picture, she got her copy, they took their suitcase, and then Sindri and Cybele left. They headed for the train in silence. When they got on the train and took their seats, Sindri took the chance to speak. “Is something wrong?” She asked.
“Someone..has been lying to me. I don’t know who.. I don’t know why.. but they have.”
Sindri sighed. “We’ll always be friends, though, right? Even if.. they lie to you some more, would you still care about me?”
“Of course! That’s a promise, Sindri. Why wouldn’t we be friends?”
Sindri looked out the window to the green grass and the trees. She had a sort of melancholy expression. There was more silence for a few moments. And then, she spoke again.
“Let’s ditch this place.”
“Let’s go off somewhere on our own, have adventures in far off lands or maybe settle somewhere where we won’t bother anyone, maybe herd some sheep.. We’ve finished school, right? So why do you keep wanting to go back to those old geezers and their pickaxes? Let’s face it.. Life isn’t meant to be this way. People should have their own choices.. And over there, they’re just trying to control us.”
“But.. Sindri! They said that’s wrong. They don’t want something bad to happen.. And if we go off on our own.. something might! Where.. Where is this coming from, anyway? Why do you want to leave all of a sudden?”
Sindri Châu took a deep breath and looked Stone right in the eyes.
“I’m.. the spirit of chaos.”
Stone chuckled. “Come on, get real. The spirit of chaos? I’ve been talking to you for so long.. And I’m still safe and uncursed, aren’t I? You don’t seriously expect me to beli..”
Sindri maintained her gaze. It was as if she looked right through her.
“…Memoryshare.” she remarked, offhandedly. Stone froze up, and it seemed as if time itself had stopped.

Everything around them was grey. Grey or black. Stone saw herself in a simple, tattered white-looking dress picking berries. She wasn’t aware of who she was, until the onlooker looked down at their paws. She was in the body.. of a fox. A sudden realization dawned to her.. she was the First Tricked.
No… this couldn’t be!
It is.. And they don’t want you to know!

Stone watched the whole scene, up until the fox scampered off.
They were back on the train now, and she started shaking. “I can’t believe it.. All this time.. and you were the spirit of chaos? I can’t..believe it..”
“Oh, but surely you must know that that’s not all..right? You were also a human.. Well, originally, anyway. Now you’re just an unknown, like me! But they didn’t want to include a human in their tales-especially not someone so important to their history! I mean, just think about it- if people realize how much the humans are really capable of.. Their whole world will be turned upside down!” A certain gleam came into Sindri’s eyes, and she grinned the dopy, wide sharp-toothed grin of hers at Cybele. 
“No.. you couldn’t be–“
“I’ll ask you again, but only this once..” Sindri’s tone was becoming serious, much more serious than Cyebele had ever heard her be. “Will you run away with me? Now that you know there’s no place for us there.. Will you take it upon yourself to leave?”
Cybele stood her ground, and looked Sindri right in the eyes. “No. Now, even more than I had thought before..You must reconcile with the gods. To just leave our people behind like this..and not make amends.. That’s wrong! And I..just can not stand for something that isn’t right.”
Sindri groaned. “Boooooooring.. You realize they’ll never accept me, anyway, right? Any effort to reconcile me with those stubborn pricks is uuuuuseless! Besideessss..You come pretty close to a goddess, and that’s good enough right? Come onn..”
“Hey, no! I’m..nothing near a goddess! I’m just a fancy rock..And you’re the one with the title of Diamond..Let’s be responsible here and do what’s right, okay!?”
Sindri rolled her eyes. “Yeah, sure, putting yourself at the mercy of others is responsible.. Do you know how to do anything other than what you’re told?”
Cybele looked away with a “hmmph!”, and crossed her arms.

It was nighttime, and a den of dwarves had just finished eating their dinner five minutes prior. Cyebele approached Orvar, the head priest of the church containing the Shrine. “Hello, Cybele. An’ what may I help ye with, li’le freyja?”
Cybele kept a calm, controlled expression. “..Why didn’t you tell me about Sindri?”
Orvar took a thoughtful expression, and lay a hand on Stone’s arm. “We di’ent want ye to get scared, li’le freyja.” He looked around cautiously for a moment. “Dinnae tell anyone I said this, but you’re the only one we got that can put ‘er at ease. The gods have given up on ‘er, even ‘er parents have long stopped trying to control ‘er.. I know it might be hard, but..Wait? When did ye fig’r it out, ayeways? ‘Ow long ago? It didn’t take ye that long, did it..”
“..Today, actually. And.. I didn’t find out. She told me.” Stone said with a stoic conviction.
Orvar shook his head solemnly. 
“Listen, child.. I know it might not git to making much sense.. But the bes’ lies out yonder be the ones wit’ truth in ’em. So, ye can’t trust that sneaky fox..Somethin’ has to be done, child.. We cannae let chaos onto the rest of the world. She needs ta’ be resealed.”
“But..she’s my friend! I can’t just let Sindri..”
“The spirit of chaos is nobody’s friend, child. Surely.. Ye must have known that? If it gits ta makin’ ye feel any better, though, in ‘er sealed form she can be wit’ ye forever.. Sometimes people leave, Cybele. People leave.. and never come back. Ye must seal the Diamond, an stop ‘er from leaving fer good an’ unleashing problems to the rest of the world.”
“Got it. Seal the diamond, save the world.”
Sindri scanned the room for Sindri. She couldn’t see her, so she stepped outside and went to the courtyard. Cybele looked around once more. Then, she felt a slight weight on her shoulders, as if someone was leaning on her. 
“We’re surrounded by dwarves!” Sindri yelled.
“!?” Cybele looked around; the dwarves really had surrounded her.
“While you were talking to chief fatty over there, they took the chance to gather up and chase me! What did I tell you.. You can’t trust them!”
“The statue’s helping the Diamond! Get ’em!” somebody yelled. Cyebele felt disoriented. What was..?
“Don’t worry.. I’ll protect you..” she replied with conviction. Though in her stomach, something didn’t sit right.
The dwarves moved in, flailing their arms. Cybele set up a magic barrier, and they bounced back in pain. Cyebele walked over to one of the dwarves, that had almost broke a tree on his fall. Something wasn’t..
“Heheheh,” someone laughed behind her. Puppet strings showed in the tired dwarves, and disappeared into the air.
Wait..No! That voice.. It was Sindri.
“Heh hehh heh.. Now that they’re all done with and can’t muster the willpower to move.. I can finally take my leave. Come on, Cybele!” Sindri grinned, and held her hand out.
“You.. You just made me fight..My own brethren.. Just so we could escape!? Just so you could go off and ‘be free’!? That’s.. that’s horrible! They could be injured now, and.. And you tricked me!”
Sindri shrugged. “So? You commin’ or not?”
“What the-!? No! Of  course not!”
“Your loss.. Well, I’ll be off, then~ Toodles!”
Sindri turned to leave, and started walking out.
“..No..” Cybele muttered. It was just at they said. People..leave. People leave and never come back. “Revert!”
On the ground below Sindri was a magical circle shining with a bright purple and white light. It engulfed her as she stood, and she clunked down to the ground in the form of a diamond.
“Now you’re safe..” Cybele said, stooping over and picking Sindri up. “Now you’re safe, and the world is safe too..”
“Traitor!” Sindri yelled from inside her shining prison.

{Ending Song taunting Sindri}

{Because that’s how I roll everybody needs my smugness in their life }


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