Would you be ok with this being canon?

The Goddess of Love was initially made in the image she was to parody and make fun of the elves, but it soon became an affectionate parody and she became well respected (of at least liked) by many that worshipped the gods and goddesses of the Northeastern Tempestas region.

The goddess of all things good is more the ideal model for the dwarven race, and the God of Evil is more an unknown taken from Orkish culture (based off Orks, then) who was more or less a god of terror and death. The dwarven rendition is much more.. Appropriate, shall we say? Whereas the orcs liked to put in all the gory and gruesome details in their tales.
Of course, these’d all be gods, but they’re more ‘minor’ as the main god is the god of Order.
Each god has their own interpretation of what’s right, but they’re mostly aligned to neutral or lawful, instead of chaotic. (Even the god of Evil has a certain way he does things and a certain structure to what he does..He still resents the god of Order, however, because Order isn’t always as just as it claims and just because the god of evil is, well, evil doesn’t mean he’s okay with it when people are conceited and rude. There’s being evil, and then there’s just being a jerk. ..well, that and the fact that you can’t do the really terrible things if everyone’s used to cruelness. (So Evil’s main enemies are Love and Order, although Love doesn’t dislike him in the least [she kinda likes him {but helped the guy woo the Goddess of Good, though}] and Order won’t make amends because of pride and “I’m just doing what I think is right so don’t get on my case” mentality).
Basically, it’d just be one huge batch of different mentalities on how things are or should be. That’s kind of what I like about the religions with multiple gods, though- they acknowledge that there’s not only one way to live your life or to think, and that even the best or most powerful people can’t help but squabble with each other.

So what do you think? Can it be cannon?

2 thoughts on “Would you be ok with this being canon?

    1. woo woo~
      Okay, then!
      (Did you notice all the multi-tasking that the Goddess of Good does? Multitasking is an other ‘good thing’ that exists out there. Hehe, have you ever looked back and forth between two textbooks and tried to string along a story or make sense of what’s being said from the two things? The more fun you can find in your lessons, the easier it can be to remember things! For instance, I read about John C. Calhoun once.. and my first thought was how similar he looked to Hans from Frozen! Since then, I haven’t forgotten of his existence.. xD)

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