WSAW 1: The girl, the fox, and the mountain

Update: I spent about three hours on this painting, and it’s finally finished! Woo!


And now my conscience fades away~ A hundred years becomes a day!
I love you anyway, you know I thought we’d
Click, like two parts of a puzzle- now, I’m all in a muddle!
Click, like the flick of a switch- and now the pieces don’t seem to fit!
Click, like a second in time (like you were reading my mind)
Think how we were from the start.. But now our hearts are falling a, falling apart
^(somewhat relevant but unrelated song)

{WSAW opening}

Burninghammer, Thoth.Tempestian Myths and Legends: Vol. 1, North-eastern Tempestas excerpt: p.3

 The girl, the Fox, and the Mountain: How the colors were created

It was a crisp summer day, while the Earth was still fresh and the world was new. A girl was wandering in the woods collecting berries, when she was approached by the Spirit of Chaos in the form of a fox. “Greetings, child,” the fox cooed. “What business have you with me?” the girl replied, wary of the creature. “You look mighty bored,” the fox went on. “And yet your mind is so full of wonder and creativity..”  The girl continued picking berries. “What do you want?” she asked again, now irritated. “Now now, freyja, no need to be terse. I am a powerful guð, and have come to help you.” This piqued the girl’s interest. “You are of the gods!? Then, why, pray tell, are you in the form of a fox? Are they not seen as cowards and thieves?” The fox swished its tail, keeping its calm. “Foxes are wise creatures, lofty and artful. It is in this form that I may help you the most.” It stuck its nose into her basket of berries, and ate a few. “Yes,” the fox nodded. “The taste is good, but there is something missing, wouldn’t you agree?” The girl shrugged, unsure.  But her guard had been let down. The spirit of chaos changed out of its fox form, and jumped directly into the mind of the young girl. “Aha!” It exclaimed, finding the source of her creativity. It gathered the creativity into one big ball of yarn and then jumped out of her mind with the yarn. As soon as it had entered the real world again, the ball exploded into colors which then spread across the universe.Having been the source of colors, the young girl still remained in shades of grey, black, and white. But being the one who released them unto the world, the fox became a huge mix of the colors, mostly a bright, purple hue. “So this is what the ground-dwellers are capable of,” the spirit of chaos thought to itself, and scampered off into the woods. And that is how colors were created. The gods soon took note of the girl’s lack of color, and blamed her for releasing a chaotic flurry of color onto the world. They punished the girl by encasing her in a mountain for eternity. But because of this, the mountain Gyðja, Emmri, took pity on the young girl, and blessed the mountain she had been sealed in. Over the course of the next few years, the Great War of Catafalque was waged due to increasing outbursts of chaos and confusion. Not wanting to fight or deal with the other regions’ gods, Emmri hid her powers in the mountain and led the rest of her life out as a dwarven savant. Finding she liked the life quite a lot, she stuck with being a dwarf and lived the rest of her peaceful life in prosperity.

“Hey, Kibble, whacha readin’?” “Not now, Sindri. And it’s Si-bell, not kibble. Like Mt. Cybele? Ugh, not like you would know what that is..” “For your information, I know very well where that is! That’s the place you were sculpted, right? The blessed mountain?” “More like cursed mountain! The gods sent an innocent little girl to be trapped there for an eternity..I bet she did something really bad, but I can’t find any records of her really being at fault for anything… Maybe.. Hmm.. Maybe, the spirit of chaos isn’t meant to be taken literally? I think that she probably had chaos and evil inside of her all along.. Yeah.. That’d explain it!” “Well sure, but y’know.. It makes more sense that, hmm.. let me think- the gods aren’t always right? They don’t always do the right things..Besides, don’t they say there’s danger in denying the presence of a foe?” “!? You can take that back right now, missy! As your bodyguard, I’m telling you, you do not want to get on their bad side. Apologize to them right now!Sindri smirked with her large, toothy grin. “I’m not afraid of some self-absorbed gods living with privilege and power. You should probably be the one afraid- you just insulted chaos by saying it doesn’t exist..Furthermore, I’m not gonna bow down or anything. If they want to go around thinking that their actions are always right, they’ve got to prove it! And that’s sure not happening any time soon~” Cybele rolled her eyes and put her book away in her desk. “You’re gonna fall in with the wrong people some day..And wasn’t it my job to make sure you don’t fall into the wrong hands? When we’re finished with our studies here and get back to the shrine, I’ll be sure to reconcile you..”Sindri chuckled, but said nothing alloud. “Fall into the wrong hands?” she quietly mused to herself. “They didn’t tell her, did they? I am the wrong hands..”

{Ending theme}



3 thoughts on “WSAW 1: The girl, the fox, and the mountain

  1. The painting is lovely! I’m amazed you managed that with watercolor on a canvas — if it is watercolor, but I’m assuming due to the palettes and background consistency ^^; I wish I could paint on canvases more, but I just make do with regular paper.

    I really love the idea of Tempestian mythology — I hope you don’t mind if I wrote a couple of my own myths. I’ve always been obsessed with old myths and fables!

    1. ..if hell smudges, which I guess it might. I mean imagine living in a smudge able world.. Id go mad!
      Also; go ahead! I’d be more than glad to see your writing. It’d be pretty cool if I could work together with the rest of you guys on creating a consistently inconsistent mythos, similar to how myths were told and retold by many. I was thinking, though, maybe that the spirit of chaos was the offspring of the Goddess of all things Good and the God of Evil, and that the gods were all structured/lawful to some extent but in their own way, but chaos brought upon a different world entirely? And that the person highest in order was the god of Order, which chaos was often at ends with. But that would just be northeast Tempestas mythology (dwarf stuff)?

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