Sea of Misfortune

It was a sea of misfortune that washed over me, when my crippling self awareness would not let me be.
All day and all night, I tossed and I turned. All day and all night, I yawned and I yearned
To feel comfort and safety
To feel right, in a smile
To appreciate others
When they go the extra mile.
But still I hurt others though my flawed actions I see, and still doubts of future stop my being free.
It was a sea of self-doubt that had come to be. It was a sea of misfortune that washed over me.


(Sorry! This came as some late-night inspiration.. ^^” I hope it doesn’t bother anyone. Also: could someone please explain all the pages? Why do we have so many? Is that how you guys can make those things where it says “read more”, or? And could I make my own?)



2 thoughts on “Sea of Misfortune

  1. I really like the poem and the painting that goes with it! It’s a really interesting idea to mix food coloring with paint; I’ve never thought of it!

    A lot of the pages are pretty old, and they haven’t been organized in a while! I’m afraid I can’t answer your page question because I don’t understand the “read more” part ^^; But yes, you are free to make your own, so long as you can find a parent page for it!

    1. Like when you guys shorten your post so that we can click and read more of it? That’s what I Mean by ‘read more’. And the food dye is from a science fair project of mine, so since I have an aversion to cooking I decided to use it as an art supply so as not to waste resources. (Sorry; just got back from a comedy show/concert)

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