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x_x you guys figure the rest out out; I don't want to hog the continent!
x_x you guys figure the rest out out; I don’t want to hog the continent!

Oh, and if anyone wants a better understanding:


Obviously, Mir is the only place worth knowing~ hehe
Obviously, Mir is the only place worth knowing~ hehe

I’d say that since orks are known for being war-hungry, there’s a huge chance they’re still at large and didn’t get crushed like the elves did. But they’re probably not as bad as we’d imagine orcs to be? I mean, they still have families and customs of their own.. What if the whole image of them being mindless monsters overrun completely by primal instincts and a love of fighting and bloodshet and etc. is just a terrible racial caricature invented by the humans or something? I mean, I’m sure we’re all aware of how terrible humans can be to each other in the real world..
I don’t think the elves and orcs would dislike each other that much, though. Both sides may dislike each others’ cultural customs and regard them as strange, but they don’t actually hate each other or anything. That being said, orcs don’t have too much in the way of wealth or invention. So the ones that are exiled or stray away from the others are likely to become infamous bounty-hunters or turn to crime to get by in the rest of the world, especially because of their immense strength. 

(Akuji is about 62.5% orc, with a bit of human, fae, and ??? mixed in. It would make sense that she’s from a more urban setting, perhaps having grown up somewhere full of weird magic and plenty of different beings and commerce. That’d make her much more removed from her roots, although some of the orkish culture would remain. I seem to like to joke about how she’s a “monstrosity”, but the undertones are a lot more dark when you realize that that’s exactly what most Mirians would view her as. Plus, people are usually shown to be much more bigoted in the past than the present. So if the beings are having troubles now, think about it- Akuji died circa 200 years before the RP takes place. The fact that her house got burned down the night she left town wouldn’t be a tragedy to her- it’s more like something that she may have expected in the back of her mind.)

there’s something about making up tragic and bloody histories that makes it so…satisfying?
like, ‘oh look at me I can make worlds more real by adding pain to them’. But I don’t wanna go as serious as GoT goes into this kind of stuff; I’m rooting for a happy end with minimal deaths along the way! ..hooray? I know that still seems kind of dark, but keep this in mind: I’m going for some slight cynisism on the scale, and a medium silly on that other scale.
So if this was that school-satisfaction survey test with the “None    A little    Somewhat     Very     Completely”,  it’s Somewhat cynical and Very  silly. Silliness > Cynisism, then, if we want to get more clear on the proportions. So don’t feel down! Woo!


One thought on “Maps updated

  1. I totally forgot that I dubbed it Tempestas! In retrospect, I kind of regret not putting more thought into it, but thanks for reminding me about it.

    Speaking of Game of Thrones, I’ve been reading ASOIAF recently, and I quite enjoy it, but I also want to be careful to define the BotB universe very differently from your typical kings-and-queens fantasy.

    I may sketch a map of the country of Mir and the city of Mir, but I’ve been using the iPad recently, so no access to Photoshop!

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