An old photo (Stone’s graduating class)

Hmm.. What’s this!? These people.. In this room.. It makes no sense!
Didn’t she say that she was just a statue, and got put on guard duty at a shrine to protect the Diamond? Then why.. Would she have gone to school!?

It seems her circumstances were more complicated than she first let on.. Unless! That wasn’t her..! And what is with that crown, anyway!?

-the phrase “Evil was a new idea” can be taken both ways in this. It means both “New or different ideas were usually considered evil or greeted with great speculation”, and “Evil was literally a new concept that we had trouble understanding”.
-I’m trying to practice a toothy grin, because I can never get those right esp. on characters that aren’t the girl in the giant bow dress
-Completely disregard the guy in the dark blue turtleneck and the girl with the ‘thug life’ shirt. They’re from something else, and I got a little kick out of drawing them here for some reason. The real focus would be on..

Those two.)


3 thoughts on “An old photo (Stone’s graduating class)

  1. Oh my god just let me say
    i LOVE YOUR ART!!!!
    holy cow!! your paintings are all SO GOOD!!! *0*
    Anyway I have no idea what is going on in Mir/Tempestas rn, but I have LOVED going through and looking at all your god drawings! :3

    1. Oh my gosh; thanks Nireth!!!! >w<
      I'm really glad you like my art! I always used to look at yours and just be so impressed and in awe all the time, hahah

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