I have ideas, but didn’t quite get to them today.

  1. I just finished this TOTALLY SUPER AWESOME PLAY that my group is doing for school! We have musical parts and everything; it’s amazing! Let me redirect you to a copypaste bin or something– http://pastebin.com/48rEhRmU 
    Woo! (Note: I’m ‘Antadasia’, as it’s honestly something that people called me when I was smaller xD No, really, this one girl always called me that at summer camp. It sounded so ghetto.. But there’s just something so appealing about that name..)
  2. How do we even update on the Welcome to Mir tumblr? I’ve been trying to, but I can’t!? T^T
  3. I have an idea for a Stone-based story..heheeh… I might just introduce yet an other character because of it.. (but it can totally fit into the whole omg-the-royals-are-evil-and-secretly-not-normal theme, and might just help explain why things are that way? Eeeeeeeeeeeee sorry it’s just.. If you guys allow me to do a tie-in like this, oh my gosh!)
  4. We should totally make a map of Mir. When’s the last time we actually tried to figure out how this land mass looks like? I always imagined it as some sort of peninsula? Like, connected to land but with two bodies of water on each side, and then the town would be near the tip but not exactly? 
  5. absolutely this:
    (^^" ehm, I didn't really mean to include one of Jon's characters, but once I finally started drawing him the right way I just couldn't stop. T^T dayum he's fine..)
    (^^” ehm, I didn’t really mean to include one of Jon’s characters, but once I finally learned how to draw him I just couldn’t stop. T^T )  But yeah, if you have trouble understanding any of my important characters (haha Nurse and Ravenblood don’t count as important there I said it [oh yeah and Sietklara. I keep forgetting she exists now..]), this should probably teach you with ease.

6 thoughts on “I have ideas, but didn’t quite get to them today.

  1. Ooh, I would love to read a new story from you! And hey, whatever your or anyone else’s explanation for ANYTHING to do with BotB is, I accept it as canon.

    Oh, the map would be a great idea. XD I always imagined it as a relatively circular city, with the castle in the centre and the wealth of the people decreasing the further you get away from the castle, and it slowly transitions to forest all around. But if you go in a certain direction for long enough you will find the beach. However I always thought that was boring, so I would love to see an official canon map for Mir and surrounding areas.

    Lovely drawings!! ^^ “It’s kind of personal… I WANT TO CRUSH EVERYTHING-” *cracked up laughing*

    1. xD haha, thanks. And sure, that’s a pretty good idea actually. About the city, I mean.. I’d say the Beings would live more on the edge of Mir, closer to the forests… Because they’re not humans? But instead of being in total poverty, they’d still be more of a middle class because they’re powerful, usually in touch with their surroundings, and have many talents and so forth. If it doesn’t make sense to you why outcasts would still be able to be rich, I guess a real life example could be how in Medieval times the Jewish people were usually merchants or medically skilled and successful and so forth, but still were forced to live in ghettos and were persecuted and hated by Christians? But that was because of their religion, while Beings would be distrusted and disliked because they’re not normal and usually not human. People would think that they’re too powerful or too violent, and then feel the need to be armed around them.. While (going back to terribly constructed real life examples) ‘witches’ had similar problems in Salem and Germany (and probably other places? idek), they were usually unfairly trialled and then just killed? So I don’t think that situation is similar enough.. (Plus they weren’t even an actual threat because they were just humans anyway O.o in this universe the people KNOW how much more powerful the beings are than them, and actually fighting them might seem kind of.. I ‘unno.. Suicidal?) I’m afraid I don’t quite know how to make detailed enough maps..

      1. Although it could be closer to how my mom said witches were treated in Russia.. People lived in small communities, so they were close to each other and people weren’t as afraid of one another.. So children were usually told who the ‘witches’ were, and how to act around them. For example: coughing over your shoulder when you receive a compliment so you don’t get cursed (still a bit of a custom today to do that whenever you’re complimented so you don’t jinx yourself), or making your hand into a fist and keeping it in your pocket. Also, you could never go to a ‘witch’ when she was dying. They would say that when a witch dies, she passes her talents over to someone else. So to be the one hearing the witch’s last words? Well, they thought that’d make you a witch, then, too.
        Other than that, though, I think she said relations were pretty peaceful if not friendly? Also no eye contact I think, but I don’t quite remember.
        So I think at least some of the other villagers might develop some sort of customs to not get hurt by the beings, but then get along with them averagely, not really befriending or associating themselves with them, but not being too rude or mean? Since I know relations between Beings and humans hasn’t been too nice in this realm, how about we say..It’s only when they fear too much and get riled up into a mob that things start to get bad..?

  2. Tumblr is pretty confusing at first, but it gets addicting eventually!! If you have any problems that you can mention specifically, I’m happy to help!

    Feel free to do what you want with your own story-verse! Imagination is unrestricted.

    I’ve always seen Mir as both the country and the capital city name, if that makes sense. Kind of like Madrid the city and the province Madrid, or Djibouti the city and Djibouti the country. Perhaps it started out as the city, then expanded as it conquered other tribes and lands long ago. At least in RA’s adventures, Mir is situated beside a river with the old ruins of a castle beside it. The new castle is much grander, and like Nicola said, the centerpiece of the city along with the temple. That’s as far as specifics go, though. I’m sure there are other countries nearby that are trading and warring with Mir, but otherwise I’ve never thought of it internationally much!

    (beware, Rainfall’s about to go on a tangent!) Another thing is that we just finished the urban planning chapter in APHG and it’s ridiculously interesting!! We studied how cities are made and developed. While in the U.S. the outer-periphery suburbs are usually the middle and upper class dwellings and the inner-city the poorer housing, it’s reversed in Europe and Latin America. (out of pure curiosity, Nicola, what is the pattern in Australia? If anyone is Canadian, I’d love to know as well!) I see Mir as following the European/Latin American trend more, but I agree that the Beings would probably be toward the periphery regardless of class standing. Of course, the smaller villages and the more culturally diverse cities such as Gaherin would be extremely different.

    We also studied urban models, such as the Concentric Zone Model, Multiple Nuclei Model, Sector Model, and the Latin American model (Google them for more info). I’d love to see one for Mir, only with the the royal palace replacing the CBD.

    Whew, I talk too much sometimes!

    I love your drawing style; it’s so cute :o)

    1. I’ll look up the models after homework and dinner. And no, you don’t talk too much! ^^” I tend to rant a lot, so it’s very much a relief when other people have more than a few words to say. There’s just something really refreshing about it.. I posted a map with more boundary lines, but I honestly don’t know where to go from there. Hope you don’t mind that I used “Tempestas”; I really liked that idea!
      Note: I don’t mean to make the Mirian Kingdom look small; it’s just that the continent is /EXTREMELY/ large, and the planet itself is considerably larger than /our/ Earth. I wouldn’t say Mir is as large as Canada, Russia, America, or China, but it’s considerably larger than most European countries.. Think of it as.. a really huge Italy? ^^” Ahh, I really can’t say.. But yeah, the planet is quite large and full of several different continents. For now, we might just want to focus on Tempestas, and the Kingdom of Mir in specifics.. I can’t really see anyone leaving the country any time soon?

      Also, part of me thinks it would make sense for Mir to be on the same plane of existence as Earth (the Earth that RC and Camile are from [Erm, they are, right? I don’t wanna get this wrong.. ^^”]), but just in a really distant solar system or something? So it COULD be regarded by some as ‘an other world’, but wouldn’t really be on an entirely different dimension? Idk, it makes sense to me, but it may not to other people.. ^^”

    2. Also, thanks for complimenting me on my drawing style! ^-^
      (I’m sure Akuji and Autumn would want to pummle you for implying they’re cute, though.. ^^” )

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