Please answer these questions!

Yay! My 400th post on this blog!

Warning: this post is a train wreck of unorganised ideas and questions.

I feel all refreshed now that I’ve changed my Gravatar after such a long time. From Sherlock to… Clara Oswald of Doctor Who! For some reason I love her even though she’s written more as a plot point than a real person. Maybe I just love Jenna Coleman.

School starts again tomorrow, I might not be too active. ):

Okay, so I have a few question relating to BotB.

I always want to write interactions between my character and another’s, but I am scared of godmodding. Is it godmodding if I write a story that includes a Being I don’t own, meaning I will be controlling his/her actions, emotions and speech, and everything? I would try to keep the Being as in character as possible, but I just don’t know if I am allowed to…

So there’s that question (because I really want to write a short multi-chapter adventure thing), and also I have some more. Basically, I want to know about Mir’s…

  • Religion
  • Royals
  • Views on magic
  • Education
  • Location (and nearby cities)
  • Trade

I don’t think there’s a concrete, canon answer to all of them. If some have never been addressed, for example no adventure or role-play has ever talked about the Mir people’s religious beliefs, does that mean I am allowed to make it up and it is accepted as canon from then onwards? Like, I just write in an adventure that Mir worships the god Jenny or something, and then that is basically fact in the world of BotB?

Also, do you know any information about the things listed above? Because I haven’t read many role-plays… So I don’t know if you guys have already established an education system or created the royal family (if there is one).

I don’t want to godmod and make people angry but I want these things created! Such a dilemma…

Okay, so those are all my questions. I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me out. See, I want to start writing new adventures but I want to address the issue of “is it or is it not godmodding if I make Tridah say ‘Hi!’ to Pandora without Ana giving me permission to first”?

Please help! Thank you. Also, I will be making a post of extra Pandora information just for reference, which you can ignore.


3 thoughts on “Please answer these questions!

  1. As for the first one, Camille would have a completely different religion from everyone in Mir, as she worships her own set of gods. I doubt anyone would go all Spanish Inquisition on her, but this might cause a few conflicts with other citizens.

  2. Hm, good questions. I think there is quite a distinct difference between roleplaying and story writing, in which roleplay is much more real-time oriented. I would say it’s perfectly fine to dictate what another person’s character would do, and the line would only be drawn at a point where someone else’s character us portrayed in a way that completely goes off from the original character’s vision, such as making a sweet-natured character vicious and antagonistic.

    As for about BotB canon, almost the same answer. I would say that roleplay-wise, general Mirrian canon would have to be accepted by most roleplayers. However, your own novel is pretty much your opportunity to build on a basis and add things to your whim, so long as, once again, it does not completely go off from the original vision. What I usually do is avoid giving super specific names to specific things, like a god or a public figure. I’ve always seen Mir as a very antiquated and polytheistic society, but I actually have my own little data post full of stuff to remind myself here. Most of it is based on already established things, and others are from my own imagination.

    So, it’s your own canvas to paint!

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