Information on Pandora


Summary: Pandora is primarily a Being of the mind. She has the ability of telekinesis and is a touch telepath; she can sense emotions and concepts just by coming into physical contact with another living being. As the strength of her powers often varies and can be unreliable, she has learned how to use a knife both as a tool and to fight. She is a very caring, rational and motherly person, despite her young age. However, emotions often cloud her judgment and can cause her to make rash, often regrettable decisions. Pandora arrived at Mir at the age of seven with no memories of previous life. She was adopted and raised by the Court Physician of Mir, who encouraged her to study and become interested in learning through experience and exploration, thus fuelling her love of adventure.


Name: Pandora
Status: Being
Age: 17
Location: Mir
Abilities: Touch telepathy, telekinesis, skilled use of knives


Eyes: Dark brown, large
Skin: Fair, unblemished
Hair: Straight, light brown to blonde, usually down or kept in a bun
Clothes: Normal medieval dresses; pants and shirt during exploration


Good traits: caring, funny, self-dependent
Bad traits: easily affected by sentiment, can be bossy, explosive temper at times, feels quite worthless and lost
Quirks: says “wonderful” a lot, speaks with lower class accent, likes strange foods, plays with knives, sits very close to fires


Pet peeves: when people sneeze without covering their mouth
Fears: being hated by everyone, loss of senses, complete darkness, wolves
Ultimate goal: have a good life
Prejudices: thinks all royals are snobby
Hobbies: adventuring, studying, playing with knives, eating
Class: upper middle class (though acts as though belonging to lower middle class)
Role in society: daughter of the Court Physician, student


2 thoughts on “Information on Pandora

  1. Say, do you remember that speculation Rainfall made a long time ago? That the royals were evil and persecuted the beings, although they were secretly something other than human? Or at least, I think that’s what she said. Would you be willing to incorporate that into the world?
    I’m thinking we should incorporate the issue of the royals and the humans’ distrust of the beings more into what we’re doing. I mean, it does make for interesting conflict right? It would be interesting to see how the beings would resolve the matter.. Maybe once we get deeper into the storyline, even, people might make characters for the opposing side too? If we got everyone active to delve deeper into that storyline, we could build up the world some more and so forth.
    So what’s your take on the matter?

  2. Such organization! I wish my brain could be like that a bit more. I look forward to how Pandora’s utilized in the future!

    Does the file not showing up have anything to do with you choosing the “save” option instead of taking a screenshot? I know I’ve had problems with the card maker in the past. If you need help, I can just whip out Photoshop :o)

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