I found your problem, miss Nicola!

Sorry; I do not mean to edit other peoples' posts, but I wanted to check and see what was going wrong. It seems you need to reupload the file.
Sorry; I do not mean to edit other peoples’ posts, but I wanted to check and see what was going wrong. It seems you need to reupload the file.

On an other note, I must make up a to-do list:

  • Look through the articles on Camile! Find the most recent description! 
  • Draw her and don’t make her face the left. Add to painting (you know the drill!)
  • More BotB cards, preferably for all the characters I’ve made so far?
    Except for Ravenblood and Sietklara. Because they’re dead. Like, pretty darn dead.
  • More stories? I’d like to do one with Stone, but she’s generally unemotive. But I think I might know how to lead up to one with Grea and Tridah.. (Don’t ask how that’d happen; it’d be a spoiler of sorts.)
  • Draw Autumn. No, seriously, I need to give you a visual aid of an extremely serious elf with a sharp temper on an excruciatingly serious quest for a pen to write with. I’m not sure how well I’ve been able to illustrate her personality, but she takes everything really super-duper seriously and you need to be informed of the intensity. She won’t care if the world’s about to end- she’d push the scariest people the heck out of her way just to find a pen. And then not help save the world because that’s not what she set out to do in the first place.

I’ve been under the impression that chaotic neutral can differ from person to person. I mean, an alignment is just an alignment and those are limited right? It really has to differ from person to person, and differ by personality. It’s like how being cold towards others (a personality trait) differs from person to person as well. For example, RA could be described as cold but caring. (sorry for using your character as an example, Rainfall! ^^”) But the way that she is cold can differ from how Stone is cold, as Stone is currently not in possession of the lot of her feelings and is cold in an empty sense. Autumn could be considered cold, too, not because of the wind (haha season puns) but because she generally disregards others and usually has something to excessively concentrate on. Because she’s so stubborn and one-track minded, she doesn’t really have much reason to give others notice as they are not usually her focus. RA comes off as more of a powerful bookworm who doesn’t get involved in the affairs of others much, and is slightly distant but still has good on her mind. (Sorry again. ^^”)
I really should try looking at an alignment chart, though.


3 thoughts on “I found your problem, miss Nicola!

    1. Wait, what? oh, you mean about the alignments? Woo! I’ve started thinking up some ideas for the whole royals thing, but it would be nice to discuss it with someone.. Also: what’s your opinion on a world map? I’ve made fantasy world maps before ( http://i.imgur.com/4pAmBBe.png , it was for a terrible fantasy series I haven’t finished yet ^^” ) and there ARE tutorials out there to use ( http://imgur.com/account/favorites/hgIgI ). It matters more about if there’s some sort of shape we have in mind?
      How would mir seem to you, as a geographic location?

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