BotB Tumblr

Sorry for the random post, but it would not allow me to edit Kathleen’s post unless I locked her out of it, so I figured this would be simpler ^^;

Here’s the link for the Tumblr roleplay! If you want to be added, just comment with your Tumblr account email. Once you accept, you can be bumped up to an admin!

If you’re a bit confused, I found this random Tumblr roleplay from a quick Google search as an example. I also have this pretty old Tumblr of my own, where I originally posted some quick graphics I made, but then it turned into me reblogging a bunch of pretty dresses and of characters from historical dramas that reminded me of BotB characters. I never intended for it to be shared, so apologies if I chose a faceclaim that you found inaccurate. It was originally for my own inspiration and notes, so no harm intended! The “Welcome to Mir” Tumblr is perfect for you to post your own thoughts and character ideas if needed.


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