Penguin Madness

I just woke up from a strange dream. I was a little boy, and my crush (some girl idk) had set up a cake stand. She tried hard to get people to like her, but no one came to the cake stand. It rained, and the cake got all soggy. Then, she ran across the street to somebody’s lawn, and hid in.. a giant doghouse.. O.o THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE TIME, I WAS LIKE REPORTING IT ALL WITH SOME CAMERA?? IDEK. and I was being all lovey-dovey when I described her. So then, when she went away (somehow the camera disappeared when the scene cut back to me? O.o) I ate all three soggy cake pieces. 

And then somehow there was no rain and the sky was orange with sunset. So “my crush” ‘s mom (who looked exactly like Elsa from Frozen) went outside and was all like “OMG IT’S LIKE CURFEW GO HOME” so I ran across the street and was all like “Well um, I just crossed the border so now I’m in an other state and you can’t get me so yeah” or something and started running homewards. I ran all across the side of some large rectangular school, and saw a bunch of kids about “my” age (I gather that the person I was during the dream was 7-10 years old or something? Although I’m not quite sure why I’d be a little boy in my dream.. O.o) running towards me. I told them to go the other way, unless that was the way home. So then I ran around the school and there was this giant metal wire mesh fence to my right and the school to my left on the (sidewalk?) I walked on. (It was cement.) And in that fence….. Were penguins.

Some kids were playing with the penguins. (Now, this was like a summer day or something, so this makes absolutely no sense.) I turned to the janitor, and exclaimed that this was exactly the way to show my love for my crush. So what did I do? Well, I ran back the way I came, and went into some side-door of the school. I then made a penguin suit out of cardboard paper and put it on. 

The dream ended with me looking at my home.. Or, it was at least some weird short building that I think was the main character in my dream’s home? …….And now I’m awake.

But I have answers! Well, for one of the weird things here.

You see, I think I may know why I dreamed of Elsa as an angry parent. It’s because she looks like Kimmy’s (evil) mom from Detentionaire! 

Okay, maybe just a bit. Other than that, though? Well, maybe it just has to do with how I want summer to come as quickly as possible? Other than that, though, I honestly have no clue. Just yesterday, I found out that whenever I don’t know what subtracts from what and then think of what they add out to be, I average them. Yeah, of all the things, that’s honestly what I do. I don’t know why that is, either??  Oh, yeah, there’s something else I got to say.
….You really should watch Detentionaire. I started watching it a few days ago at, like, episode 23 and then caught up to episode  53 yesterday. I don’t think 54 is out yet..Detentionaire is a Canadian show that airs in Australia earlier than Canada for some reason?? As an American, I would literally never see it on TV. (not that I even watch TV, though..) So I just stream it on youtube or whatever. But it’s really good. I don’t wanna give out any spoilers (I could probably go as far as to say that every single person, student or otherwise, is a walking spoiler) but basically the show’s about a boy named Lee Ping that [is framed] for a [prank] and then gets [sentenced to detention] for the rest of the year. He ends up uncovering a really huge conspiracy that has mainly to do with the [Parent]-[Teacher] Council. His best friends are [Biffy], Xolger, Camilio E. Martinez (the school prez), and the [Taz]. What did I tell you about spoilers? (You can select areas with your mouse to see what they say, like with TV Tropes. Yeah, I kind of got addicted to that site..)

But yeah. Anyway, I’m off to write something more intriguing!

Laters~ pflowerhat1

(P.S: Just to clear away any confusion, red text (Red Truth) is an Umineko thing. In the series, different color text means different things. Gold is things that could be true but are believed by [two or more?] people, Red text can only be true, purple text is true for everything except for when the killer is speaking [only that one person can lie with it], and so on. You shouldn’t watch Umineko, though. It’ do you say it? Erm…Violent. Yes, that’s the word. It’s.. excessively so.. ^^” So although I quite enjoyed it, most others may not. But the music is amazing! I especially love the Musicbox Blue album..)


6 thoughts on “Penguin Madness

  1. Dreams can be so weird. xD Ooh, I watch Detentionaire occasionally on TV, but not very often so I don’t get most of it. xD I prefer watching shows where you can basically enjoy each episode without much prior knowledge and still get what’s going on in the episode.

    1. Well, most of the episodes have an explanation of what’s going on at the beggining

      1. Oh, I probably miss that. :p I watch it after school and end up starting at like a quarter through the episode already.

        1. Well, you can watch it on YouTube and other streaming sites! So don’t be shy! Give it a try!

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