Camille Profile: New, Improved, and More Accurate.

Sheet taken from here. I did edit it slightly. There are fun links everywhere. Either they hold a pronunciation key or more information. Under a readmore because it’s super long.

Name: Camille Nefertari Cameron
Alias’: Camille, Cami
Age: 18 
Gender: Female
Species: Demigod
Birthdate: February 29th, 1996 
Country of Origin: USA
Birthplace: Nashville, TN
Ethnicity: Egyptian and Caucasian 
Occupation: Full Time Student
Language(s): English, Crappy High School Spanish, Can write in Hieroglyphics 
Native tongue: English
Religion: Worships the Ancient Egyptian deities. [Is there an actual name for this?] 

Culture: Practices traditions from both sides of family. 
Political affiliation: None, as she hasn’t registered to vote. 

Education: High School diploma. 
Weapons/Offensive equipment:  A spear that is disguised as a cat necklace [Still can’t take it to school, as it changes as soon as she takes it off. Jewelry isn’t allowed in Gym, and you can probably see where this story is going.], her own bare fists, her powers. 
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: Fighting style–  Hair pulling, biting, scratching, pretty much catfight combat, She’ll also stick you with the pointy end of her spear, or shock you with lightning. You can read about Egyptian weapons here: [X]
Money/Amount of: 3 bucks and a gum wrapper. 
-Funds (In bank): Whatever’s in her College fund. 
Transportation: Walking and/or Borrowing the car. 

Recent pictures: I’d say she looks somewhat similar to these three ladies. [X] [X] [X]
Height: 5’1
Weight: Somewhere between 115 and 120
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Black, wavy, long, messy. Style reference: [X]
Skin: See above pictures. 
Shoe size: 6.5 or 7
Figure/build: Skinny, Hardly any curves. Could be described as ‘flat chested’, though she likes to argue that she definitely is “Not in any way in this category”

Distinguishing marks: 
Tattoo(s): None. 
Scars: Various cuts and scrapes. Has a scar from an emergency appendix surgery. 
Piercings: Several up the ear, small diamond in the right side of the nose. 
Clothing style: Kind of grungy. Torn Jeans, Tank Tops, guy’s shoes/anything comfortable. 

Currently lives: With her dad. 
Living Arrangements: Studio loft apartment. Has 2 bedrooms. 
Description of daily surroundings: She has a room with a cool dutch door, and a cat. 

Hobbies: She is a good singer and actress, and can kind of play tennis.
Talents/Skills: She can summon anything that usually rains down from the sky: Lightning, rain , hail, thunder, men, etc.  
Strengths: Her spear. If she’s ever stuck there’s a 99.9% mom, or some other family member will come and help. 
Weaknesses:  Very stubborn, rarely gets along with people, and always puts things off until the last minute. Has a hard time controlling powers when angry. 

Love interest(s): None, as having Egyptian gods and goddesses as family is very hard to explain. Currently not looking for a date. 
Sexual Orientation: Straight. 

Dominant Hand: Right
Diet: Eats a healthy diet, but has a weakness for barbecue potato chips. 
Virgin?:  Yes. 
Drinker?: No.
Smoker?: No.
Drug user?: No. 
Other addictions?: None. 
Pet peeves: Annoying people, chewing with your mouth open, popping gum

Basic description:
Personality: As long as you’re not annoying or creepy; Camille can at least tolerate you. Very stubborn, rarely gets along with people, though is unconditionally loyal when she does. If you betray/wrong her in any way, she will undoubtedly get revenge. 
Disposition: Tries(and usually fails) to see the light in situations. Doesn’t care about much, but is incredibly passionate towards what she does. 
Likes: Sleeping, cats, music, mythology, dirty songs [see below] 
Dislikes: Annoying people, pointless arguments, school, being woken up before 9 in the morning
Motivations: Money, positive outcomes, breaks from training. 
Morals: Will never betray her allies, Hates killing things, monsters included. 
Fears/Phobias: Big dogs, Terrified of snakes, Secretly fears her mom will leave again
Favorite food: Barbecue chips 
Favorite drink: Cherry Pepsi
Favorite color: Blue, like the sky. 
Favorite song: Anything with dirty lyrics/meanings. 
Favorite movie: 80s centered around dancing. [Footloose, Dirty Dancing, etc.]
Favorite sport: Tennis. Kind of. 
Favorite book: Egyptian mythology in general. 
Other favorites: Animal- Cat Subject- History

Parents: Mark Cameron[Human], Nut [Egyptian Sky goddess] 
Siblings: Osiris, Set, Isis, Nephthys, 
Other close relatives: Horus is her nephew. Relatives on mom’s side are hard to trace to an actual relation. 
Friends: A lot of Egyptian gods and their children. Has a few mortal friends as well. 
Partner: None
Offspring: None. 
Enemies: Ra and Set. Sometimes Geb[Earth god]. 
Pet(s): She has a cat named, Hatshepsut, after the woman pharaoh.  

Special Body Augmentations: None. 
Official/Personal Training: Depends on who wants to put up with her. 
Important Additional Notes:  Flexible, can put foot behind head and do the splits. 

History: Very few people know she’s part goddess. Camille can easily pass for a regular citizen, and pretty much everyone is convinced her mom’s side of the family is simply Egyptian. She used to hate her mom for leaving, until she realized what was really going on.
Early Childhood: Didn’t know her mom, dad struggled to take care of her. 
Adolescence: Mom is now in her life, has to deal with monsters and other strange things. 
Adulthood: [She’s 18, therefore fits in this category.] Everything considered strange is seen as normal, mom visits on a regular basis, is learning to live on her own. 


6 thoughts on “Camille Profile: New, Improved, and More Accurate.

    1. Yeah, Camille was so inaccurate(from age to ethnicity) and way too much like me. She was my first character for a story that wasn’t for school, and I wanted to keep her.

      I saw Pandora’s new bio! I’m about to read it. 🙂

  1. In the talents/skills, was that a refference to… It’s Raining Men? xD Just wondering.. And I’m about to get to the drawing part now that I’ve read this, so I’ll have it finished soon okay!?

    1. Go ahead. I posted the link so anyone else could use it if needed.

      Thank you! She’s come a really long way from where she’s started, and I hope I can do so much more with her. 🙂

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