Autumn vs. Squirrel!

author’s note: I’m downloading all the UMG volumes and so forth today from somewhere online and I’m like drowning in music help! also I was gonna finish this story earlier but I keep spending my time listening to the music instead

Autumn walked steadily through the forest with a grimace. “When the heck am I going to get to Mir?”  she wondered aloud. Then, she stopped in her tracks and tilted her head with confusion.”..Where the heck even is Mir?” Autumn looked around, but saw nothing but lush plants and trees and grass. And then, movement! Right below her feet…. was a squirrel! 

“Here, little guy~” Autumn coaxed. She managed to get the squirrel climb onto her hand, and raised her palm up so that the squirrel could face her.
“How are you doing on this fine morning?”
“…Oh look, a loser,” the squirrel replied nonachantly and looked away with distaste. Autumn growled. “Oh call me a loser, will you!?” she snapped. “..I just did that already,” the squirrel replied, and jumped off of her hand. “oH IT IS ON.
Autumn threw fire balls at the squirrel as it scampered off, and burned it to ashes.
“WOOOO!” she said, doing a little happy dance.
“Who’s the loser now!?”
The squirrel’s family closed the eyes of their child and told him everything would be okay. Autumn continued to dance and gloat about her power. Leaning on a tree behind Autumn there stood a woman with blond, wavy hair clothed in all black.
“Congratulations,” the woman started sarcastically. “You just killed a squirrel..I’m sure your family would be quite proud if they were still around..” she ended dryly.
Autumn turned around. “Hey! Take that back, right now!”
“Or what?” the woman said, raising an eyebrow. “You’ll burn me? Oh gosh, I’m sooo scared!”
Autumn glared at the woman. “Who the heck do you think you are, lady!?”
“..La vie est drôle.” the woman said offhandedly. “My name is Grecandra, and yours?”
“Je suis l’automne! And I am not the fool you take me for!”
Grea rolled her eyes. “Good for you, you’re the autumn. You think you’re the only season we have to deal with around here? Too bad you didn’t come before Winter.. Maybe then you’d be useful..”
“Eh? Winter? Pardon me, but I don’t know any-”
“Just forget it.. But we can’t have you causing a ruckus out here, now, can we? I’m the servant of Chaos.. Anyone else.. just isn’t right for the job!”
Autumn took a defensive stance. “Just what.. do you plan on doing?”
Grea only chuckled.

{First song.. up!}
~Battle start!~

  Grea threw a stack of needles coated with poison at Autumn while her attack charged up. Autumn dodged swiftly. She jumped to the side, and blasted Grea with a sharp blast of light. Grea finished gathering her strength and the area around her exploded with darkness and tendrils of  it. The little ball of light was quickly absorbed. Autumn stopped to think for a moment. Greacandra’s darkness started spreading towards Autumn quickly, boiling like some sort of hot stew. Right as it was about to touch Autumn’s feet, she lept up and summoned a sword. It shone with a deafening light, and she swung it down to the ground with force as she fell. The ground started cracking up, as the darkness hissed and dissolved out of existence. Grea turned to go, but Autumn dispelled the sword and ran after her. They ran for a long time. Autumn tackled Grea, but she reached into her robes and pulled out a knife. Autumn was stabbed in the stomach. She let out a faint “ow,” and Grea used the chance to push Autumn off of her and start running off. Autumn struggled to sit up, and swung her arm jerkily at Grea. A medium-sized ball of fire flew out from her palm and straight at Grea, whose clothes started catching fire. But Grea kept on running through the forest and veered to the right  to a pond. She jumped in. This gave Autumn time to heal her wound, and she ran after Grea once more.
“Aha! There you are”, Autumn said and jumped into the water after Grea. They had a water fight splashing the stuff at each other, and Autumn moved in to choke her. Grea knee’d Autumn in the stomach where the wound had just healed, and they both caught a mouthful of water.  They climbed ashore and looked for a clearing.  There, Autumn set up a ring of fire and surrounded Grea. Grea tried to set up a shield, but got a fist to the face. The two got into a nasty fist fight, and then a brawl, and soon they were kicking and punching and clawing and biting at each other like a couple of rabies-infested dogs.
“Hotheaded santa’s helper!” Grea yelled.
“Useless trouble-making scum of the earth!” Autumn yelled back.
Grea kicked Autumn in the shin, and Autumn tried to break her leg off. The two caught off balance and fell. Autumn and Grea both tried to get up, but Autumn got up first and stepped on Grea. She then kicked her towards the burning ring of fire.

{Second song.. up!}
NO SHANON AND KANON WHY. ;-; WHYYY SHANON please no don’t cry aaagh T^T

And then, something happened. The flames were engulfed in a strange grey substance, and dissolved as if nothing had ever been there. Autumn and Grea were suddenly teleported to a grey wasteland in the middle of nowhere, with five different colored moons in the sky. Confused, Autumn bent over and helped Greacandra up. They brushed themselves off and looked around. Everything was grey rubble, with statue limbs and old, broken down shrines spread out left to right. Even the sky was grey and lifeless. And in front of them stood a moving statue with a serious expression.
“Children,” the statue started, holding its arms out and cupping them. “You should not fight” 
It opened its hands, and a grey flower made entirely of crystal bloomed out. 
“Excuse me, kid, but you’re the one that’s shorter than heck. What are you, some sorta dwarf golemn? I hate to break it to you, but this is real life and in real life people can’t always get along.. No one can tell me what to do, neither you nor anyone else.” Grea nodded. “I can cause chaos wherever I want, Stone!” She hesitated for a moment, and then snatched the diamond flower out from Stone’s hands. “Nice gift, though.”
The statue, Stone, stared straight into the soul of nothingness. “Let me rephrase that,” she said (still lacking any emotion whatsoever). “You will not fight.” She cupped her hands once more, and opened them. Inside her hands lay a grey dust. It spilled out and flew into the air, blowing in the wind. The crystal flower then too was dissolved into dust.
“What gives the authority to order us around!?” Autumn snapped, stomping on the ground.
“She’s got a point; people are, after all, free to do what they want..” Grea added.
Stone froze up, turning back into complete statue form. Autumn leaned over and tapped her on the shoulder.
Autumn then backed up, visibly freaked out. “What is that thing?”
“Some sort of dwarf machine?” Grea shrugged. “She feeds on some weird source of energy.. It’s not really reliable, though. One moment she’ll be talking and the next she’ll just zone out mid-second and die out like that. You were right about her being a dwarf in a sense, but she’s not a golem or a gargoyle or..even a robot precursor? She’s just some weird living statue..”
“Are all beings this creepy?” Autumn asked, taken aback.
“Eh, speak for yourself.” Grea shrugged. “I was human, and usually avoid the other people in Mir unless I have a really cool pranks I wanna try out. You’re more of a ‘being’, really. ….Waait a minute!”
“You’re not supposed to exist!!”
“Because I’m an elf? Yeah, well, try to keep it low key. If Tridah finds out I exist, she’ll eventually have a mental breakdown. Let’s just say the situation is.. complicated..” Autumn said, starting to feel a bit awkward. “Are you.. going to attack me again?” she asked, first a bit shy then sounding more bold and authoritative.
“Nah; it got boring.” Grea shrugged.
“You mean, after I totally won?” Autumn asked, chuckling to herself.
“You did not win- all you did was bore me to death!” Grea retorted.  They both looked at each other and chuckled.
“So, wanna ditch this place and cause some chaos!?” Grea asked.
Autumn furrowed her brow.
“CHAOS!? You..dare ask me that!?  I would never do something just for the sake of chaos! You shouldn’t go around trying to cause trouble- causing trouble for people is only a necessary task when it’s needed to achieve a goal or get what you want! How..How dare you compare me to some ruffian!?”
“H-hey, don’t knock it ’till you try it,” Grea stammered, a bit taken aback. Her face flushed a bit and she looked to the ground.
Stone woke up.


she yelled in a monotone voice. Stone stepped closer to the two and yelled,


Autumn put her hand on Stone’s forehead and pushed her backwards. “One: You’re invading my personal space. Two: we got the memo,” she retorted coldly. Autumn turned around and walked away, and Stone decided it would be best to teleport the two back to the clearing. 
“Where are you going!?” Grea called out.
“I’m going to Mir, and I’m gonna find myself a worthy pen to write with.”
“Can I help?” Grea asked.
“It’s not that hard; you’ll get in the way; bye.”
“Is this about the chaos or about trying to kill you!?” Grea called out.
There was no reply.

{Ending song}

sorry guys I’m kind of obssessed with all this music today so I almost made this like an anime episode with background music and an ending and everything oops

woop woop hooray for subtitles?


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