Art update!

I’ve drawn RA, Eliana, and Pandora! And glued them on, painted them, cut them, etc too!

Also, they’re all facing the left .
Don’t ask me why. Should I draw some of mine, too? Am I allowed to draw somebody else’s Being? Is there some sort of error I’ve made? Tell me in the comments below!

why is cutting paper so hard


7 thoughts on “Art update!

  1. Looks good, 🙂 Glad someone’s doing Battle of the Beings again.
    I agree, Paper is incredibly hard to cut.

    I literally just posted an updated profile for Camille. You can draw her if you’d like.

    1. Thank you! I’m about to finish painting Camile, but when I’m done with that I have some homework to get to.. X_X

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