I updated a couple pages!

So, anyway, I just finished updating the Author’s page to include me (woo!), and added my three most important characters (Tridah, Autumn, and Stone) to the BotB page! Hooray! For those too lazy to look at the page and scroll down to the cards:



Also, I’m making progress on the art piece! I should finish the drawing with Pandora, RA, and Eliana by tomorrow! I’m still taking requests, though, so if anyone else is okay with me drawing their characters then I’ll add them too! There’s plenty of space~!


11 thoughts on “I updated a couple pages!

  1. Love your new cards. ^^ I really need to update Pandora’s section on the BotB page, but I’ve totally forgotten where to make the cards! Could you please direct me to the site? Haha, I’m so forgetful.

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