April tears bring May fears


So, basically I stopped caring during the first half of the second semester. But as the end of the third quarter neared I got knocked from my reverie and actually started working as hard as I could with classes before the grades were finalized. And I, surprisingly, made my grade goals!! Minus Spanish. But at least it was an A (at the bare minimum), so that’s really great! And I also apparently got a 100% on the proficiency part of the National Spanish Exam, so even with the most-likely-45% I got on the vocabulary part, I think I might actually qualify for one of the awards maybe maybe?? But maybe-maybe-not because I hate Spanish and the proficiency part was really easy so everyone else in the country probably did a ton better then me. It’s totally putting me on edge but I just want to know! (whoa I’m totally bragging here I’m sorry)

If you’ll excuse another stoking-my-ego moment, it turns out I’m in the top academic 5% of my school, which is really rad and a trend that I dearly hope continues!!

And then spring break arrived, and I went to Memphis to visit my sister, and I was super awkward the whole time, and I literally stuffed my face whenever any food was around, and I cooed over cats and dogs, and yeah basically it was fun fun fun. And I got a lot of volunteer hours in working with kids who came from refugee situations and were learning English and even though I was supposed to be serious most of the time I just goofed off and taught them a bit of Spanish and Mandarin and they taught me some Somali and then I got totally schooled by 6-year-olds in chess but YEAH I’M SORRY FOR THE RUN-ON SENTENCES

But like as I mentioned once, April is by far my busiest month!! Also I kind of want to balance Camp NaNo even though I can’t? And the weather is so much warmer so I want to go outside but I can’t because time and laziness??



Anyway, so, to the point. May is exams and April is me pulling myself together. And actually doing homework before 11PM. I’m really, really anxious about my AP exam because, to be honest, I don’t remember anything from the first semester?? The nice thing is, APHG is what really brought my GPA up, and it’s SUPER interesting, so I’m taking European History and Art History next year, because, #YOLO. (cringe) I heard the workload is thrice the amount in APHG, so, we’ll see how that goes?

But, after May, I’m free! Maybe? Even though it seems I rarely leave my little bubble, apparently I’m going to the beach as soon as the school year ends, which will once again result in extreme awkwardness from me. Then, I’m going back to Memphis again and I’m probably going back to working with kids again. It isn’t too bad, but I’ve never been good with kids! You’re supposed to be a leader in these situations, but I’m just like, “Um, please don’t do that, if you don’t mind. If you want. Now, follow me. If you want!” I’m the kind of girl who steps on a pencil in the hallway and mutters, “Sorry.”

Wait. I kind of strayed again, didn’t I? Either way, this blog is near and dear to my heart, and I don’t want to be the kind of person to just forget it! But I just may have to for the following weeks. But fear not (or fear do), Rainfall will return, because she’s the hero that Gotham deserves and when she does she’ll be much more active and less of a zombie! I realize that I’ve said this at least 10 times already, but each time I mean it even though I have serious commitment issues.

Very, very, serious issues.


Anyway, it really looks like there’s a BotB revival going on, and I’d love to participate! Even though I really shouldn’t be saying this while my unfinished homework sits beside me, maybe I’ll write about RA a bit more.

Just yesterday I made a mix for her and other events in my story. I just compiled a bunch of stuff I already had on my iPod’s playlist, but it’s pretty long! Each song has an annotation that lets you know what it’s related to.

If you’ve noticed a change in my music taste, you’re definitely right. When I was younger, I was obsessed with music with a harsher edge. I loved rock and blaring music that shook my eardrums. If it wasn’t rough, then it had to be scratchy. Sex Pistols, Nirvana, the Killers, Green Day, the Offspring — yes please! Now, I seem to be all about mellow music and soft, vocal singing with clarity and feeling. I can’t stand going past three notches on the volume of my iPod, and everyone asks me how on earth I can hear my music like that.

Another change in music is how I’m a lot more attached to pop and Top 40-kind of music. I used to trash talk it a lot for being repetitive and emotionless, but now it’s grudgingly growing on me. Of course, there are still a lot that are cringeworthy, but I rather like the chart-topping songs now. Maybe it’s because my bus driver plays the local pop station every morning and afternoon and I’ve been exposed, or the general public’s taste has gotten better since I was younger.

So there’s that. I don’t usually listen to music when I’m writing because it distracts me, but I’ve been listening to the above playlist while I draw, so that’s fun!

If you want me to make a playlist for your character, I’d be happy to! Compiling a bunch of songs together for no apparent reason is one of my favorite things to do. Or you can just create an 8tracks account and make your own.


5 thoughts on “April tears bring May fears

  1. Yay! I’m glad to see things are looking up for you! It’ll be great once you fully get back; I look forward to reading about RA! Oh, and you know that song Gust of Wind? I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to, but I think it’s pretty good (and definitely not cringeworthy)! Good luck with the kids, though! (the little whippersnappers these days are quite unruly, dare I say.. xD)

    1. I’ve spent most of my time wallowing in self-pity for myself, but I’m glad things are sort of looking up as well. Er, maybe, considering that I never turned in a couple assignments that were due Thursday!

      I’ve never heard of Gust of Wind, actually! I’ll look it up right now!

      I totally agree. I have never been good with screaming, flailing, tiny humans in general.

  2. Good luck with your academic adventures, and congrats on being in the top 5 percent! I’m just about to listen to your playlist now, haven’t heard anything yet because Internet is slow but I know it will be awesome because Florence + The Machine.

    I also look forward to reading more of RA – is there some page or some tag I can use to go back and refresh my memory of RA’s story?

    1. Thank you, it’s ridiculously shocking! And yes, Florence + the Machine seems to apply to everything! Speaking of music, I can totally see In My City by Ellie Goulding applying to Pandora and her entrance to Mir!

      Not really on this blog, as most of it is way too old — but there’s always a bit of stuff on my stories blog if you click on my name!

      1. You’re so right, it does suit Pandora’s entrance.

        I will be reading through your old posts on your story blog, then! (:

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