Autumn’s Vengeance (Warning: Wall of text!)

Author’s Note: Yeah, I know, this is pretty non-linear, but it’s not like anyone’s gonna be in Better Village when it’s unsealed anyway.  Well, other than Autumn and the sealed bodies.  Not that the latter could really do anything, anyway. So if you can.. *takes a deep breath* ..enjoy?

Autumn released a sigh of relief.  She had finally been freed. She temporarily assumed a humanoid form, and walked around the deserted town. Something needed to be done quickly, before  someone else would be able to enter the village. Autumn had been planning for this day for years now, but despite all of her planning a plot and saving up her energy, there was much to be done. Now, she came to the most important parts of her plan- its execution.

Sietklára Thaís was a good candidate for possession. Formerly one of the more popular residents of the village, she was a powerful girl in her late teens that was known for her baking prowess. Having been considered weak and unworthy of interaction, Autumn knew little to nothing about Sietklára. This didn’t seem like a problem, however- you don’t need to know someone to take control of their mortal form. And since nothing aged or was harmed during the seal, Sietklára would be in perfect health and thus, Autumn wouldn’t feel any unusual pain inhabiting the discarded body. Still, worries tugged at her mind- if in my current form I can possess people, does that just make me a ghost? What if Sietklára fights back? What if, now that the town is unsealed, these people are able to be revived!? How could I stop that from happening? By the time I manage to gain a permanent form.. will it be too late? But she had to ask herself all of these things while walking over to the body of her fallen acquaintance, for no time could be wasted. Autumn reached Sietklára, who seemed to be fast asleep, and crouched over. “Here goes nothing,” Autumn muttered, placing her hands on Sietklára’s forehead.
And for a moment, everything around the two started to glow.
A girl with long, slender ears and long, lime hair opened her eyes. Her vision was fuzzy for a while, but she slowly stood up and tried to get to her senses. She outstretched her arms, looking at them as if they were something foreign and strange.
My hands… Were they always this dark!?
You’re wearing gloves.
Ugh, like, can you not? I could totally figure that out on my own, okay?
Sure, sure, whatever.
The girl brushed herself off, and continued on her way to- wait, what was she doing again?
Oh, yes! Now she remembered! Autumn snapped back into herself, and carried on with her plans. First, she started up some preparatory spells for weakening the area’s defenses and conjoining the area of the village as one big weak spot. When that was done with, she took to the skies and hovered above Better.
Autumn closed her eyes and focused, mustering all her strength together. She could feel the fire burning up inside her, itching to destroy the town once and for all and fulfill its purpose..
“Wait!” a voice yelled out.
Autumn groaned. “What is it!?” she snapped.
“Before you do this..Let me get my scrapbook!”
Autumn found herself involuntarily moving, and flew down to the village. She flew house after house, until she got to a giant white cottage glittering with diamonds. She groaned with disgust and annoyance, but Sietklára persisted and flew into an open window. She then folded in Autumn’s wings, and rifled around a cabinet in her room. “Ooh! There it is~!” Sietklára exclaimed, pulling a raggedy dark red book out of it.
“This is the most prized possession in my family- it’s been a diary, passed down by hundreds of generations! Since the pages are unlimited, I use it as an awesome scrapbook~!”
“Wait, let me get this straight.. You’re given the chance to come back to life, and the one thing you save is some stupid scrapbook?”
“I don’t know who you are, miss, but like have you ever been to Better? We’re proud of our history and stuff..”
Autumn spat with disgust.
“Bah! History? A ragtag army of elves from all over the world, after traveling for countless years, overthrew the peaceful wood elves and made them turn on each other. Are you proud of that? Then whoever was left rebuilt the forgotten city in the once tranquil Forest of Pizza..Into ‘the Village That is Better Than Yours’– are you proud of that, too? Or how about how the inhabitants became cold and untrusting towards each other, and only valued the neighbors that could be of use to them? Or all the backstabbing over spells? Wait, no, don’t tell me- you’re proud of the people that gave their lives up without a fight, and then sealed their bodies and the town simply because they couldn’t bear to see themselves get dirty or let the murderer win? Whatever.. What you do now is of no consequence to me.. All I care about..Is making sure this place burns to the ground, along with its lies and its secrets!”

The two looked in the mirror for a second. It was Autumn who showed now, with her bright orange hair and her even brighter yellow eyes. Whoever was in control wore their own look, and not the appearance of the other. Not even their clothes matched. It was a strange occurence, which Sietklára dwelled upon quite a lot. She had a feeling the other person she was or was with was someone she knew.. But she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Autumn regained her wings, and flew back up. Once more, she concentrated intensely. She thought of what needed to be done, and the bad that had been done before. She focused.. on the need to destroy such a horrid place. Autumn felt the fire spreading and growing inside of her heart. It was burning all around her. She took that flame, compressed it in her  hand, and threw it down hard on the ground. As it went down, the fireball got bigger and bigger, exploding upon the town in barrages of burning embers.

It’s not just my pain, Autumn thought. This dead city.. bears the pain of many. Now that it is deserted, there can no longer be any reason to keep it around. Not just for me.. but for everyone else that ever walked the streets! For the people that foolishly trapped themselves for an eternity…


A large cluster of flames appeared, floating in the sky. They launched themselves down. Everything burned, as Autumn sent down wave after wave of fire. Everything burned, as she sent down wave after wave of her rage and distress. She hadn’t noticed it, but during her attack on the vacant town, Autumn had started to cry. When the entire city and all it contained turned to ash, Autumn was out of energy. Her head felt weak and hazy, and she plummeted to the ground. Normally, she would have snapped back to clarity and panicked over the fact that she was falling. But Autumn had lost her will to worry. Her goal was finished.. There was no more use in trying to carry on, because she had felt a sense of fulfillment. It was over now, she thought. It was finally.. over.
To Sietklára, this was not the case. She had been fading from existence ever since Autumn had possessed her. She was dying like she had been meant to six years ago..But she didn’t feel content. What use was death to her? Sietklára wanted to live. She wanted to explore the world outside of her small village, and find out who she was inside. So it was Sietklára that opened Autumns wings, and lowered herself gently to the ground. She stumbled over and fell on the ground, clutching an old book tightly in her arms. “This is not the end..” she muttered. “We.. can’t.. die..because I said so..And that’s a good enough reason! Everything that has been done..Is important in its own way. The history of our town.. is important because it was! How dare you..give up on what will be.. How dare you..give up your life just because you finished one goal..! It’s not fair.. to the others, the ones like me…To the ones that have to die, no matter how much we want to live!” Sietklára was frustrated. Nobody would ever hear what she had to say- not now, not ever. Her last words would be unheard..and there was nobody to care! But still, she herself cared. Sietklára liked to think that she was important, and that everything, even the bad things in life, mattered. In her heart, it all mattered a lot. So though she knew she was dying out by the millisecond, she refused to give up.
“Listen closely, newcomer..I don’t care who you are, but I know that you’re an elf. If it’s possible that even one of us survived, then we definitely can’t lose hope. Until we find the strength to hope, and believe that things will become better in life, then the only thing we can do is mope around and feel sorry for ourselves! If you’re given a chance to make things better or do something new, take it! You can’t waste your life away, okay!?”
Just talking made her feel drowsy, and the two blacked out.


Someone opened her eyes. Around her was a small pile of ash, in a large shallow hole in the ground. It was about the size of a village. That somebody set their book aside and stretched, sitting up. 
Who am I?
Oh, yes- the autumn breeze, a gust of leaves and loss.
What am I?
An angry sprit, right? That makes the most sense of all…. The memories of what my exact state of being is aren’t relevant to what I feel inside. I’m an restless spirit, and I’ve still much to do in this world.. So any adventure in this world- I can’t miss it! Any chance I have to help someone else- I can’t let it go! My vengeance over this place may have had been fulfilled, but my time on this planet hasn’t ended yet!

Autumn stood up fully, after picking up the book.
And what do you know..? Maybe, I’ll help write this too.. Now, if only I could find a pen!
I wonder how Tridah is doing.. Good enough since she managed to free me, right? Maybe.. Just maybe, someone in Mir has a pen I could borrow. Yes.. I think, for my first-ever real adventure, finding a pen will be just fine! I will retrieve one.. by any means necessary!

Author’s note (again!):
Okay, so, um.. Sorry, if that was a bit..erm.. Hard to stomach?  ^^” I’m not going to count this new character Sietklára as a secondary character, as she is more of a background character, like the other people in the village or the people from my other characters’ pasts. I kind of just made her up on the spot, to give me a way to get Autumn a permanent form. She can’t really do anything in the real world if she’s just a floating soul, right? Akuji is only still around because she has Tridah as a host..

Note: Sietklara Thais’s name is a mix of the name Clara (meaning ‘clear, bright, and/or famous’), the name Thais (meaning bandage), and the Hungarian word ‘siet’ (meaning hurry or ‘hurry up’). So it’s basically, “HURRY UP ALREADY YOU SHINING RADIOACTIVE BANDAGE!” Or, I guess you can say it’s more about being revered as good and being seen as ‘bright/famous’, but having to hurry through life and keeping your worries bandaged up and hidden, to no avail.. eheheh what am I saying that’s too much meaning for one silly name.

Oh, and one more thing! I’ve been dorking around with dollmakers a bit, and..erm.. well.. ^^”

Sietklara looks like a spoiled, privledged brat. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't the case. But underneath the persona forged by her social status and popularity, she's kind, intelligent, and adventurous. She is not the type to disregard her ancestors on a whim.
Sietklara looks like a spoiled, privileged brat. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the case. But underneath the persona forged by her social status and popularity, she’s kind, intelligent, and adventurous. She is not the type to disregard her ancestors on a whim.
Autumn in..a dress? O.o Well, anyway, Autumn can be quite irritable and serious when people interrupt something that's serious to her. She's kind enough, but would rather follow her heart and her mind than the words of another. Autumn does whatever she feels is right, and feels that she has every right to do whatever fits her best. She's got determination to set everything straight, and only likes puzzles and trickery if she's the one that makes it and not somebody else.
Autumn in..a dress? O.o Well, anyway, Autumn can be quite irritable and serious when people interrupt something that’s serious to her. She’s kind enough, but would rather follow her heart and her mind than the words of another. It may make her seem arrogant. Autumn also has a vast dislike of lies, trickery, illusions, and puzzles that other people make. If she makes them, though, she’s okay with it. And yes- those are fingerless gloves.


Just some FYI: Elves come in all sorts of colors (hair and skin pigment wise, as well as eye color) but I’m fairly sure they’d all be quite slender. Have you ever seen a fat elf? They’d probably just glamour themselves to look thinner or use some magic to just become slim.

Just some other FYI: I never planned to make Autumn a team with Sietklara. But after writing this I realized they might just balance each other out quite well.. Hmm, I’ll look into having parts of Sietklara still alive in some manner,   esp. if I see the other people (i.e. you, dear reader) are okay with her.


Oops. I just caused a wall of text.

Have some Autumn.



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    1. O: !! EEEEE, thanks! I’m glad it did!! Btw, I just finished painting and drawing Pandora today, so I’ll start on your characters too soon! (Oh and I retouched the background a bit so yeah). Do you want to be updated on the progress so far? And will I be able to add myself to the authors page? Sorry for all the questions xD

  1. You are so active with BotB, I love it! Thank you for writing this, I needed to take a break from homework, haha.

    “HURRY UP YOU SHINING RADIOACTIVE BANDAGE.” You are so awesome, I can’t even-

    Pretty drawing! COLOURS!

    1. Hehe, easily distracted, aren’t we? Just kidding. Seriously speaking, though, please get your work done! I finished mine in the morning. And since the time zones are different, tomorrow might be like Monday for you! Better get that work done before school resumes, right? Also, thanks. And thanks again~!

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