All Paths Led to Mir (poem)

There once was a shell that was hollow,
but that shell could not bring itself to wallow,
she turned to the light
and burned away fright
On her trip, all paths led to Mir.

There once was a Nurse so frightful,
But she rejoiced and felt delightful,
So though she was a dove
And never received love,
she found happiness in the forests of Mir.

There was also a girl with bright orange hair,
who wasn’t afraid to lay waste here and there.
When her will was done,
but she still wanted fun,

she followed a girl who had settled in Mir.

I once knew a statue,
who could glare right past you
and only had one thing on her mind.
But the thing she would find
was undoubtedly in, 
that wonderful place called Mir.

Oh, Mir! Incredible Mir! It is certain all paths lead to you!
Oh, Mir! The direction of Mir! Where you’re placed we can’t find, but our truth lies in you!
For no such array could live elsewhere,
through the fiery torches and silverware,
that these people would have to go through!

There once was a maiden of chaos,
who, by duty, had to go across
all kinds of worlds though she’d know no one’d miss her
but she had to reunite with her sister.

Yet an other pair was reunited,
an innocent maiden and a shrew that bited,
but they were merely souls and in a terrible rain,
the innocent maiden was slain.
But the shrew carried on, because the shell would live on.
And what’s life without loss, may I ask you?

Oh, Mir! Sorrowful Mir! Through loss and forgiveness your paths are submerged!
You’re the only place, beings of every race, could have emerged- in peace!
Oh, Mir! Wonderful Mir! It is certain all paths lead to you.

Trying to sing it as a song ( I probably ripped off a preexisting song oops):
Sorry for the terrible song quality. I tried to sing it over and over again so I could get it all right, but still..


3 thoughts on “All Paths Led to Mir (poem)

  1. This was so good and you sing really well! Reminds me of The Hobbit, and Martin Freeman screaming “I’M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!”

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