My most unimportant secondary characters

Akuji and Grea(candra)

The shirt says “chaos begets chaos”
Akuji, as expected from her appropriate time of living, is dressed more or less like a peasant. Being Orc mixed with who knows what else wouldn’t exactly make you respected in society, especially in those days. She did have some decent clothing once, but that was back when she did mercenary work and first started out hunting down magical items with a select group of others. She was able to gain a lot of magical power and combat experience then, but later on she had to settle down to take care of her little sister, try her best to avoid (beating up) prejudiced humans, and so forth. Towards the ‘end’ of her ‘life’, she left her sister to reunite with her old group, now acting non-profit, to destroy all the cursed items in the world and rid it of any evil there may be. The little sister died first when an angry mob of villagers burned down the house and became a wandering spirit. Akuji first died when she was attacked from behind with a cared chain mace. Ravenblood then died for the last time in the Acid Rain incident a while after she and Akuji had been reunited as spirits using Tridah as a host.
As you can see, Grea has no sad story of the sort yet and just likes chaos and messing with people.

^that thing right there with the weird pink hair? That’s Ravenblood-or, should I say, Raedinl’ukthenodilud.
She’s unbearably cheery, unbearably annoying, and thankfully dead. Her randomness was just… Woahh.. Like, just, no. She’s the first roleplaying character I’ve ever successfully killed off, and although she was cute and all, THANK GOODNESS she’s gone! There was seriously nothing you could do with her. No character development or anything.. But she died the way she would’ve wanted to go- not being burned by a mob, but protecting her friends so that they could find a way out of a terrible storm of acid rain.

^the Nurse (a lesser known character of mine) I won’t lie to you; this one was created solely for the purpose to annoy and bother ST’s character Radiance. Her secret? The Nurse is actually a dove that’s taken a human form. She’ll probably be the next character of mine to be eliminated unless I find some better use for her- not because I like killing off my characters (okay, maybe just a little bit), but because she gets on a certain demigod’s nerves a whole lot..


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