The Cursed Chain Mace

200 years ago

   Once there lived a monster; it was an unholy mass of green flesh. It was orc, half-elf, and just about everything in-between. It was the mutt of mutts.. It was a frightful thing, not quite alive but not quite dead, with an ephemeral body. It had been powerful and skilled while still alive, but was struck down from behind. To maintain life, it jumped out of its own body and watched as the shell got torn apart. It was, then, a terrible defilement of nature- and shouldn’t have existed. But do you want to know the worst part of it? It was angry. Or, well.. I was angry.
  You might be a bit confused here, so let me back up a bit. My name is Akuji, and if that name sounds funny to ya, to heck with you. It’s an orkish name. I’m pretty much part orc, and then part everything else. My little sister Raedinl’ukthenodilud (although the little idiot insists on being called “ravenblood” because she can’t pronounce her own name right) leans more to the human side of the spectrum, but ya gotta admit her hair just ain’t normal. It’s all pink and triangular and floaty and..weird. I’m not one to talk about weird, though. Anyway, I’m pretty angry right now. As you can see, I’ve just been killed. By my own crewmate, no less! Freakin’ jerk.. I mean, we finally get the group back together and go out hunting for cursed weapons to destroy, and the guy spazzes out and stabs us in the back first chance he gets! Can you believe that!?
Anyway, he just walked into some shop, and I’m following the little bugger.
“..I found the cursed chain mace.”  Oh, yeah, good for you, jerk. Not only did you find it, but you stained it with the blood of your old friends.
Ahaha, the shop clerk just looks at him and laughs!
“I was just joking about that, you know, sonny. I don’t really have five million gold pieces.. The chain mace is only a legend around here.. But since you worked so hard to retrieve it, keep it.”
(Not like he even deserved it anyway.. I mean, we did all the work..)
Oh gods… The look on his face right now is priceless. It’s the look of a man who’s lost everything, and just realized what he’s done.. Yeah, I bet you regret killing your friends now, punk. You don’t got a shoulder to lean on anymore…And you’ll never have one. Not now, not ever.
Whats this? He’s just gonna hang his head and leave? No outbursts of rage, nor apologies? ..Pathetic..
I didn’t just let my body get destroyed like that to float around watching some traitor mope around all day..
Hmm.. I wonder what he needed the money for, anyway. O_o I mean, I don’t really know what he’s been up to these days.. Oh, look, now that he’s out on the street again some guys pushed him to the ground. Hm.. This had got to be interesting..
“Where’s the money, you gambling bloke?” One of the two guys asks.
“Yeah, where’s our money?”
Oh gosh, now he’s trembling in fear. What the actual heck? I could’ve beat up these idiots easily if I still had my old body.. What the heck is he scared of? They didn’t take a hostage or something, did they?
“I..I don’t know”

Ohh, is tha~t so now?”
Hahah what? That seriously left him speechless? Wait..No! Wh-what’s this? He’s getting up after they pushed him down, and.. He’s preparing to speak! Woo!
Okay, you know what? I’m just.. done. I am so done right now. I refuse to stand around here and watch this foolishness. Did I seriously just get killed to watch this garbage happen? Oh, come on! I’m just better than that! They’re obviously just mocking me at this point!
Okay.. Okay.. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna try and manifest a tangible form now. I’m just so sick of this stupidity.. Okay! One, twoo…..


{Switching to third-person narration. Please stand by..}

“YOU IDIOTS! YOU DAMNED BLOODY FOOOOOOOOLS! How DARE you mock me in my death!” A voice screamed. Before the confused man holding the mace and the two street thugs appeared a woman with unruly, thick black and red hair tied in a loose ponytail. She had green skin and sharp fangs alongside small, sharp ears. The menacing woman stood confidently, with her hands clenched in fists and her temper searing.
“Akuji!” The man behind her screamed in surprise. “I.. I thought.. I killed you..” he shivered.
“Yeah, and then you went on to do this? Seriously? You have disgraced my honor!”
“..But I already did that. I killed you from behin-”
“Yeah, this is nice and all, but where’s our mone-” one of the thugs asked, and got knee’d in the crotch. He fell backward a couple feet. Akuji pulled the other guy closer, pulled back her right arm, and swung it at his nose, hard. He fell down in immeasurable pain.
“The heck you think yer doing, weak at the knees of weaklings like this!?” Akuji snapped.
“I-I’m sorry..” the traitorous man replied with tears in his eyes. “It made me do iiiiiit..”
“What? What made you do it..”
“Noth- I mean, the rust that this old mace emits!” He exclaimed, then quickly put his hands over his mouth with fear.
“Rust shards, eh? What does this ol’ thing do, exactly? It would be..inconvenient.. if you told me, though, wouldn’t it?”
“Ah, I see..” Akuji said, stepping closer.  “That explains how you were able to destroy the others..”
The man nodded meekly.
“We could make use of this thing, you know.. If only we take close care not to destroy it….” Akuji mused, taking the chain mace away from her former ally.
It turned to ash.
“I guess that means the worst possible thing you could have done if you wanted to use the mace was to destroy it and its powers once and for all?” the man offered.
“OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT? THIS IS WHY OUR GROUP SPLIT UP LAST TIME WE DID THIS STUFF. I AM DONE WITH DEALING WITH CURSED ITEMS. I AM, ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, DONE!” Akuji yelled, enraged. She stormed off to nowhere in particular, and the man was left to wonder why that day had had to be so terrible for him.


4 thoughts on “The Cursed Chain Mace

  1. “I AM ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT DONE” Hahaha best line. Nice tags too. XD I like that you are writing all these stories, it helps me learn about your characters because before I knew only a few names and nothing about them!

    Only slightly off-topic: I never really got into the BotB RP much before, because I didn’t really know much about RPing and it seemed like most of the RP took place on chat (and since most of you are American and the Australian day is the American night, I was never on when other people were). But I would like to get into the RP now. So how do you do it? I mean how do you start? Are you meant to comment on story posts like these with role-play? Ahh sorry for the stupid questions. ^^

    1. There’s no reason why you can’t. The roleplaying here’s pretty laid back compared to my newer group on Wiki. On wikia (I’ll take what happened today on GL for example), people come to a specific chat to roleplay in a story line. If someone was included in a previous episode, they can’t start until that person gets online. They also have character pages, episode pages, arcs, etc. Which are constantly updated, along with the NPCs. But here on WTR, it’s different. People roleplay on pages, comments, and on chat, and if two or more people are on it’s fine to do a roleplay. Nothing has to be done in chronological order, and we pretty much just do whatever we want (there aren’t usually that many restrictions or people who would want to oppose us). This is slightly less plot-oriented, although RPs can be quite structured with their story at times, and overall it’s just a lot more casual. You could start something right now if you wanted to. All we need to do is talk over what we might want to do first, or just come up with a setup. Sometimes, we just made things up as we went along! WTR roleplay is full of possibilities, even if it is a lot easier to godmod here or lose track of things at times. So just do what you want! Relax!

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