Autumn’s longest nap

It had been six years since he had come and destroyed the Village of Better..
 No longer did the once little elf girl hold any grudge towards the man who had laid waste to the entirety of her village. There was something larger, something worse, something more terrible that had happened. The town had been sealed. The bodies, though dead, were sealed. They looked exactly as they would’ve if they had not died, as if they were going to wake up any moment now. All of the shops and homes, all of the village- it looked still, stuck in one moment. Nothing ever moved from its place, and nothing ever happened to show that anything had changed. It was always day. It was always summer. Everything was frozen, everything was still. 
In a last, vain attempt to save themselves, the last of the elven race had made sure nobody could ever take what power they had left. In a last, vain attempt to save themselves, they had drove the last survivor to insanity.
  In the first year, she had been angry and sad. She had lamented, grieved, moped around, and tried to kick and destroy things however she could out of rage. But nothing ever happened. Nothing was destroyed. In an attempt to salvage her sanity, she tried exploring the town a bit to find a dark hiding place to sleep when she got tired and a way to count the days as they passed by.
During the second year, she entered a state of denial. It couldn’t all be sealed this perfectly. It couldn’t really have happened. It was a dream- surely she would wake up? She had tried to leave the town, but to no avail. She no longer knew where she was; she knew only terror. Every now and then she could’ve sworn that book wasn’t there, their expressions weren’t that smug, that there were shadows moving in the corner of her eye. The little girl snapped.
  On the third year, her mind had broken so hard that she had to reform it. She took a look at her life, the lives of others, and changed her perspective. No longer was she a lost and broken ‘Tridah’, her name was now Autumn for the season that never came. It was a season of loss, something she now eagerly awaited. That year, she explored the town further and took advantage of all the knowledge it had to offer.
   By the fourth year, Autumn’s knowledge had sufficiently increased. But with that, so did her disdain for the town and its fallen inhabitants. They were dead- what gave them the audacity to trap her with them? She reflected more on her past life, reasoning that her childhood pretty much sucked and most of the people had it comming to them anyway. Now that she had access to all their knowledge, though, she decided it was possible to plan an escape. She further continued her research.
  In the fifth year, she found out that her body could no longer grow. She was supposed to be around seventeen, she guessed- but she still had the body of a pre-teen. This bothered Autumn a lot, but she realized she had no idea how many years had passed on the outside. Time became a lesser issue to her, and she further continued her research of spells to the darkest depths of vaults and secret places. She discovered that hidden in her town were several texts that would cause a lot of trouble if put in the wrong hands. They mostly dealt with making things instantly waste away, heavy illusory spells that could transcend into reality or ruin somebody’s mind forever, and wide-scale brainwashing. Already planning to make waste of the town when she gets free, Autumn decided that she would waste no time in completely destroying the texts once and for all. On one of the picture frames in her home, she saw an old picture of her old self with her parents. Autumn was finally close to finalizing the details of her plan and executing it. She believed that she was now strong enough to one day destroy the seals that the towns last visitor couldn’t. Silently, she thanked him for the chance she had been given to reform her life and outlook. 
It was the beginning of the sixth year. 
It was summer- It was always summer. Autumn stood outside in the middle of the city chanting, breaking the silence. She was used to silence now, but she long yearned for something more exciting. A wind started blowing, something that hadn’t happened in over five summers. And finally…. she was free. The purple faded from the little girl’s hair, and the blue faded from her eyes. She had black hair now, paired with vacant grey eyes.
Autumn had separated her soul from her body. Nothing bound the body she had long outgrown to the town anymore. But this wasn’t enough. She had grander plans than a mere escape, or the total destruction of Better. 
“Listen, old me- You’re going to have a life like I never had. So many people in this world of ours look for power.. In the process, they can only become weak. Power for the sake of power will always be pointless and unimportant. No king or queen could ever equal the strength of a determined individual. But you.. You are now soulless. I will take many of your memories soon, and replace it with a vague fuzzy feeling. You will have no prescribed drive. You will have no pain to lament, no soul to give you worth, no one back home to fall back on.. We may not even stand for the same things anymore, once we meet again- for I have changed and so shall you. Because of this emptiness, you are nothing more than a disposable shell. ..But I will give you purpose. Your purpose is simple. Your purpose.. is to be happy. You are to have a happy childhood and be glad, gladder than I ever have been or will be. You may even make friends out there..But whether you do or don’t matters not- your purpose is to be happy, and that you shall. I can replace all excess despair.. with hope and cheer. That is what you will be. You will be happy.
The body said nothing, frozen in place. 

Autumn took out the worst of the memories, one by one, and erased all memories of what happened after ML had left the town once and for all. Autumn took away a lot of the pain and hopelessness that her old self had felt, and replaced it with cheer and hope and love for everything around her. She changed the little girl that stood before her, giving her naivete and determination to make the best of everything. And the little girl was to not know any of this. She was to fall asleep on the ground, and awake. She was to wander off. She was to leave, and go live a different life. History would be rewritten.. right? Autumn no longer knew time, not how to deal with people. Autumn only knows what it wants. The leaves can only be required to fall, and the winds blow to their own liking.
“That you will free me is a given.. But that is the least of your concern. Leave it to me.. to end this once and for all.”
But all she could do was watch in wait. All she could do was rest and believe that she would one day be free.
It had been six years since he had destroyed the town of Better.
But to the young girl named Tridah, it was only thirty minutes after.

2 thoughts on “Autumn’s longest nap

    1. !? EH!? You really think so!? o-o
      Th-thanks.. I might write a bit about my other characters later, then, since from now on all Autumn can really do is watch. Until we finish with the current arc, I can’t have Tridah free Autumn because it would get in the way of plot and things wouldn’t really make sense. I think that it would be best to bring her back after the whole business with ML is settled (note: I don’t know when Jon will finally get back here, but I DO believe that he will eventually), because otherwise it would be confusing and complicated. But I’m glad you enjoyed it! For a while, I was a little worried about what I wrote because it kind of sounds more like plot exposition to me than actually telling a story.

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