Greetings, my friends!

It’s been a while since I first met you guys. How many years ago was it? Three? And now.. To think that I could be given the honor of being an author here…
Well, I guess all I could say is thanks!
Now, let’s get down to the business~
I’ve been thinking about reassembling everyone again or at the very least resuming BotB on a small scale. It’s been a while since we’ve roleplayed together, and I know that it used to be really fun.. So I’m sure that a lot of you would wanna have the roleplay out and working again, too! Now, I don’t want to really say anything for sure but I’ve tried to keep close contact with Jon (or, well, I guess the guy you knew as “ML”) over the years. A while ago (it was last week or like the week before that or something), he mentioned that he might want to bring back his character but with changes to what he had been planning with the plot concerning his characters three years ago. I’ve also been tossing around a few ideas, but as you know, the whole roleplay is a huge collab effort and one of the great things about it is that everyone always has their own unique ideas and twists on things!

My second mission isn’t dealing with bringing back RP itself, but it is related to an other roleplaying tradition we have here. *straightens up glasses; stares straight into your soul with a serious expression*

I would very much like to draw the characters.

What I mean is, I would like specific permission from each of you to draw your OCs from BoTB. I don’t want to draw someone and then have the original maker’s feelings hurt because I didn’t ask them for permission, so I would very much like specific names of who I am allowed to draw. Also, it would be helpful if you could direct me to a recent source of how they look, or had some sort of prefference in how you want me to draw your character (like, maybe, what they’re doing I guess?). This is a necessary procedure in order to allow optimal conditions in how you react. By this, I mean, the more specific you are, the more likely I am to draw someone how you would most like me to have drawn them.
Note: None of this is mandatory. I am simply suggesting that you let me draw your OCs,…becauuuuuuuuseeeee…….
I need practice? I guess? I mean, it would help me get re-familiarized with your OCs, and since I got accepted to a good arts program at my new highschool (where I come from, there are a lot of different places you can apply to to go to school, so getting accepted to a good place is crucial!) so the more I draw the better I’ll get I guess? Also, it is beneficial to you if you like what I draw.
So, therefore, it would be good to comply with–
Well, whatever, you get the point.

..Er, sorry if this sounds kinda bossy/rude. Eheheh..

To those who may not know me:
My name is Ana. I am Slavic and French (heritage-wise, as I am ‘from’ America), and my favorite color is blue. My aim is to become a professional artist (the kind that draws and paints), although I am greatly infatuated with having philosophical discussions. I take roleplaying really seriously sometimes, and have a bit of a temper. Also, I can be really really easily distracted at times but when I’m really super-duper focused on something I can sound quite distinguished~!
…But usually I just talk like I’d normally say things.
Aye way~~
Have a nice, ah, time!


Oh, I guess it would be rude to leave you without some art.
Please ignore the lady to the far right. If you don't avoid her, she could probably mess with your head.

..hehe, plans.. mwahahahaha
Does anyone really remember Autumn? I never really introduced her, but I’ve still got plans.

5 thoughts on “Greetings, my friends!

  1. Hey Ana! Good to see you again!! 😀 Yeah I really wanna get BotB going again. I’m thinking of writing an origin story for my char, Pandora… I’ve really gotta decide on a last name.

    And you can totally draw Pandora! I change her appearance so much, but as of now she has brown hair, brown eyes and is of average height. And wears sort of normal medieval dresses for the middle class. It would be so awesome if you could draw her sneaking around a castle or walking in the forest… Actually, any situation at all would be epic.

    I hope your return heralds the rebirth of BotB; I really miss it. Look forward to RPing with you! ^^

    1. Good to see you again too, Miss Nicola.
      Firstly: Thank you for the permission. I will take note of it and the details you have enclosed. I was originally planning the drawing to be on a pre-painted scene with a simple backdrop of blue sky and one lone tree off to the side, then to draw and cut out characters as I go along. However, if more people than just you and Rainfall apply, depending on the amount of characters I can draw and how much space each takes up, I may need to bust out the large papers I have in the guest room.
      No, really, they’e /large/ papers. You could fit six normal sheets on one. O.o
      So, yeah, I could try to get some sort of scene going there..

      Also, I will do my best to return the roleplay scene again- that’s a promise. I can’t say I’ll be able to or for how long and when, but it will be done.. if it’s the last thing I do! This rest of the week, from sunday up until the next sunday, is all spring break for me. If anyone else has time during then, chances are I’ll have plenty of time to meet with them at the old chat. We don’t /have/ to wait for people, you see? You just need two or more people to join in, and you’d have started something great..

      Picture it, miss.. A small group of people start something, but as time progresses more and more people flock to the activity. Over time, more and more people become aware and openings happen in their schedule… One small scale RP can eventually leading to the whole group getting back together! Perfectly plausible, right? That’s what’s so grand about it!

      Side note: I noticed that you said you were inspired by this post to write a backstory of Pandora. I read through it, and it’s pretty good. I feel honored that I could serve as an inspiration. Thank you.

      1. Hey, draw Pandora however you want. It’s great that you want to draw everyone. ^^ I really hope we can bring back the RP. Life is busier nowadays but it would be a nice little world to come back to after school each day. Thanks for reading my little story, ^^

    1. Thanks a lot, once more! I’ll try to post more stuff, since you guys seem okay with it!

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