Supanova 2014

Yesterday I went to Supanova with my friends and it was the best thing ever! It’s like Comic-Con for Australia, and it seriously was the most fun I’ve had for ages. I wanted to cosplay, but I had no time/money for it. 😦 However, I got to see heaps of cool cosplay on other people from all fandoms. There were heaps of 10th Doctors! But unfortunately absolutely nothing from Sherlock.

There was also tons of great stalls with the most awesome merchandise ever, and I splurged all my money shamelessly. I bought a Time-Turner, a TARDIS beanie, three badges for my school bag (Jake the Dog, the TARDIS and Nyan Cat) and 2 epic Doctor Who shirts. I regret nothing, mwahaha.

My TARDIS beanie is the cutest thing ever and it’s possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made.


And I really love my Time Turner too. It looks all magical when I rotate it strategically.


But I think that the highlight of the day was MEETING FREEMA AGYEMAN! (Otherwise known as Martha from Doctor Who.) AHHH she was so nice and I was thinking “wow, she’s a real person” ‘cause you know how when you only see someone on screen they sort of become distant fairies.

(Absolutely the best phrased sentence ever.)

And I got a photo with her! It cost $50 but I reckon it was worth it, because really, how often do opportunities like this pop up?

I feel bad because at that point I had only bought a Time-Turner and I had my Gryffindor scarf, so it looked like I was not very into Doctor Who. Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t really matter!

Next year I really really want to cosplay as Clara in the Time of the Doctor. I don’t know why, but I adore her outfit, and it will hopefully be quite recognizable by next year because she will also be wearing it in the first episode of Series 8. Plus I can wear it outside as normal clothes – for cosplay, I simply wear the green Christmas crown to signify that it is a costume, and for the real world I simply take it off.

Well, that was my weekend. I really can’t wait till next year’s Supanova! 😀

Bye bye,



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