New School

I haven’t posted since last year! But, to be fair, I do check this blog almost daily.

So how are we all? You guys’ll be right in the middle of the school year now, yeah? (Doesn’t that ever get confusing, finishing a school year in the middle of the actual year?)

I ‘ve just completed Week 2 of my new school, and it is shaping up to be quite a good school! Downside is, though, that everyone is more focussed on learning and there are way more assignments and tests (that could be a good thing to some people). At least there are no scary junkie losers at this school, and it’s smaller than my old one so I don’t get lost as much.

The uniform’s so posh; we get blazers and everything.

I was feeling quite sad the first week. I thought maybe it was just hormones or something, but I realised it’s because I really miss my old school and the way things used to be. I’m not sad anymore, though I still miss my old friends, because I feel more comfortable at school and I’ve made a lot of new friends.

There are lots of things in this school that are new to me. For example: the cafeteria, everyone going to the library after school, school finishing at 2pm, having a bus that comes about every 20 minutes so I don’t have to worry about missing it, blazers, hour-long periods, odd teachers and a school that uses a system wherein we all have to at least one activity of volunteering, sport and creativity to get our diploma. Weird.

I joined the book club, and the drawing and sketching club. Can’t wait for the first meetings! I’ll probably join the knitting for charity club and badminton club.

I haven’t written a story for many months. I’ve got ultimate writer’s block!

So tell me how life’s going on with you! I wanna hear!


3 thoughts on “New School

  1. I’m pretty good, actually. Glad to see a post from you again. 🙂

    Yeah, I’m about a month into the second semester. It’s not really confusing, since I’ve done the same thing for 12 years.

    I understand. Even though you have new friends, they still can’t replace the ones you had. But I’m glad you’ve gotten used to your new school.

    Mine requires at least 2 years of an art or foreign language. Then there are so many years of general studies. I’m just going with it so I can get out on time.

    If it helps, I haven’t written a quality story in ages.

    What I’ve been doing: We’re working on the play, the plot is 80s prom, I’m on stage crew, we got Spring Concert music in Band, and guitar is too easy.

    1. Wow, the play sounds exciting! Have fun with that-

      If guitar is too easy you should try getting hard music online to play 😀

      1. Yeah, apparently it’s interactive, and the audience decides the ending, meaning it could be different every night. We were told it was like ‘Everyone was going to prom instead of watching a play’. It’s also a dinner theater?

        I’m still having a little trouble reading notes, but it’s hard to start after 4 years of not having to. (I’ve realized that my band director in Jr. High taught me almost nothing.)

        It said ‘Recommended for people with no previous musical experience’ in the course description, but I figured since I had the above problem, I’d have a little bit of a challenge.

        My fingers can’t bend to make chords. That’s it.

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