i am SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry!!

i have just been SO SO SO SO SO SO SO busy!!!

i would love to look around and comment on EVERYTHING that you brilliant people have been doing ❤ but I have to write and memorize a three minute speech before TOMORROW so im a wee bit concerned about that at the mo ^^”

anyway, i just wanted to real quickly talk about HOW AMAZING MY FRIENDS ARE!!! ❤

my BEST FRIEND/SISTER/AMAZING PERSON THAT I AM LUCKY TO KNOW was finally able to put on her elsa dress–and for no small occasion!!! we went to see the sing-along version of frozen and it was AWESOME!!

but of course we didnt just go as normal civilians…


we went in our (FINALLY FINISHED 3 YEARS LATER MY GOD) costumes!!!!!! and she looked GORGEOUS and it was just SO much fun!!

it meant SO MUCH that she did this for me and i am still just super happy that we got to go as sisters!! YAY!!!


anyway besides that i now have REHEARSAL EVERY DAY UNTIL 6 (but i love it, no complaints here!) and AN ANNA AND ELSA COSTUME COMMISSION TO FINISH IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS

i will try to be more active, i PROMISE!!! i know talking to you wonderful people will help me take the stress out of seamSTRESS!! hehe!!

how was your guys’ weekend? did you do anything exciting?



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