It’s cold. It’s really cold!

The weather here has subsided a little, but just yesterday we got out of school because of it. I remember looking at the thermometer and thinking — what the heck??

It was 7°F! That’s not factoring in windchill, which apparently went into the slight negatives overnight. I used to think anything under 35 constituted as scarf weather. That’s a pretty big deal for a southern state, but in the north the low windchill was like -65°. I feel so horrible for all the homeless people and stray animals out there, and I’m quite fortunate to have a warm home. (P.S — in case your town is severely affected, remember to stay safe!)

Anyway, I may have gotten an extra day of winter break, but it’s back to school again tomorrow. Guh. I’ve gotten used to the whole waking up at noon and watching Netflix all day thing. I started watching Breaking Bad and Parks and Recreation, and they are both SO GOOD.

There’s a 0% chance of snow right now, which means 0% chance of no school…but who knows, maybe the pipes will freeze over and we’ll get lucky! I don’t really feel like sitting miserably in a classroom while the teacher makes cheerful quips about the weather. At the moment, school’s only starting one hour later. Which is still waking up six hours earlier than I have been.

I got to catch up with so many amazing books and TV shows, but I did notice that in the months of August to December (aka school), the number of books I read really dropped. So I guess I’ll have to place all the reading materials back in the closet, close out Netflix, and forget about them until summer. I sure hope this isn’t what adult life is like.

I mean, usually in study hall I open my iPod and browse around using the school’s wifi, but my spot is in the very back corner of the classroom and that classroom happens to have absolutely horrible service, which makes my internet very shaky. Some kids take their laptops to school, but if I brought mine I’d probably misplace it!

Speaking of TV shows, I liked the second episode of Sherlock! It jumped around a lot and replaced the suspense I love so much with a bit of cheesiness, so I think I prefer the first one more. Mycroft’s bits were so amazing! I love learning a bit more about the brothers’ background, and it goes to show how much Mycroft really did teach Sherlock.

Sherlock is slipping. I managed to figure out both the victim and the murderer way before he did — but then again, being a viewer gives you quite an advantage, doesn’t it?

So, my last point is for all you people who want to keep resolutions!

There’s this really cool site called HabitRPG where you have three lists: Habits, dailies, and resolutions. Habits are the things that you frequently do and want to stop or the things you need to do more frequently. Dailies are the things you must do everyday. To-do is basically what it sounds like — your to-do list!

hoggy hoggy hogwarts

It’s kind of like a video game where you have health and experience. Neglecting to do your dailies docks health, as does committing a bad habit. Doing your dailies, to-do, and good habits gives you XP! You also get coins for the tasks you do, which in turn you can spend on the rewards you spend. For example, the rewards I set for myself include a Breaking Bad marathon and finally buying Sirius Black’s wand.

I’m not a very good explainer so it probably sounds pretty lame, but I urge you to check it out! I, for one, definitely need as much organization as possible in my life, and maybe this can finally bring a bit of it.


3 thoughts on “Brrr!

  1. I go by the Celcius system but I can tell that your temperatures would be way down in the negatives for me! Wow, I can’t believe you haven’t frozen to death yet. Although this is coming from a girl whose city gets a bit of rain in Winter and that’s about it.

    My last school had Internet but we could only access it on school laptops, which were monitored (I prefer to say stalked) by the IT people. I’m excited to use free Internet at my new school. Sorry your Internet isn’t that great, but at least you have a Netflix account! You’re so lucky, I’ve wanted one for ages! D:

    I really liked the second Sherlock ep too, but I was a tad confused with the branching-out structure. Still, I haven’t seen anything as funny as Sherlock’s drunk deductions for ages!

    HabitRPG. I already love it from its name. I’ll be sure to check it out once I start school and have actual duties to do! Good luck with your goals! ;D

  2. WOW THATS CRAZY!!! i heard that you northerners were having a bad winter, but i had no idea just HOW bad it was!! D:

    omg parks and rec is fantastic!!! and breaking bad is pretty great too, but i just get so frustrated with walter sometimes!!! RRRGH

    im sorry sherlock was disappointing!! and i am like 3839% sure this isnt what adult life is like!! its just school requires so much outside work that we dont get to do the reading thats supposed to make our brains grow!! its kind of a weird never-ending loop!!

    whoaaa, habits RPG sounds sweet!! i have a feeling id fail like immediately though!! 😛

  3. Sorry that this is off topic, Rainfall, but remember the BotB wiki i created? Well, I kindasorta deleted my account and made a new one.. So I don’t have the admin powers I used to.. And there’s this jerk that’s after me who keeps changing my Tridah page. T^T His account name is Sarina Kepeta, parodied after my name and.. and.. he /knows who I am/ like my name and stuff.. I don’t want to be of too much trouble, but could you please block him from the wiki like his IP and stop him from editing? Also, would you mind like.. deleting my character pages and stuff? I know it might seem like too much to ask but I feel really uncomfortable. This has been going on for a long while.. And I want it to stop. Sorry. >.<

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