May 2014 be all you ever dreamed of!

Happy 2014!!

Early 2013 was a simply fantastic year, but it sort of deteriorated once school started.

In November I broke and displaced my wrist, which scored a lot of suck points on the “how much does this suck to Rainfall scale,” so I spent a lot of time away from drawing and writing and whatnot. (this sort of explains why I never completed NaNoWriMo, but I think it was really more of an excuse I gave myself to stop!) But about two weeks ago, I got my bulky cast off, so I’m back! I know that doesn’t particularly explain my absence completely, but I’m super excited to be able to not have to worry about schoolwork and also partake in two of my favorite pastimes. It still hurts when I bend my wrist back or put force on it and I’m not supposed to lift heavy things, so I’m exactly sure how I’ll survive in gym since I don’t have a doctor’s excuse to get me out. (on that note, Doctor, come save me with your TARDIS!)

As usual, Bill Watterson manages to capture the humor in any situation.


I love this viewpoint. You don’t need anyone else or social obligations to tell you to change!

As much as I wish I could be content for once, the things I hope to achieve are slightly unattainable given my poor management skills:

  • Straight As (freshman year is rather easy so far, if more difficult than middle school, but I’m 1000% positive I’ll be changing my tune when it comes to the next seven+ years)
  • 4 on AP exam come May
  • Procrastination…stop it.
  • Continue research into activism
  • Also, stop being picky with books!
  • Confidence! (I’m infatuated with someone. The awkward whale does not do well with the opposite gender.)
  • Write. A lot! Stories, good essays, journal entries, etc.

I’ve probably spammed this link way too much, but this is my stories blog. All posts are meant to be my pitiful writing, but occasionally I mark posts with the date and write about my personal life. It’s kind of sad that my last story post was in July, but hopefully in 2014 I’ll post much more!

One super convenient thing I’ve started doing is having two windows of different stories open. I’ll write as much as I can on one until I either get bored or hit a roadblock, at which point I’ll either watch some Breaking Bad or switch to the other story and write as much as I can on that. It’s so much more convenient than my usual method of writing two sentences a day and then moving on to something new!

I wish that my super obnoxious fangirl tendencies were left a long time ago in 2012, but they continue to creep up on me. Sherlock series 3 finally aired after 2 years, and the Empty Hearse was supermegafoxyawesomehot. I still think the Reichenbach Fall is my favorite episode, but WOW. I’ve already watched it twice, and I’m sure today I’ll watch it for a third time!

I’ve kind of grown out of Doctor Who, mainly because I’m not very fond of Steven Moffat as head showrunner as compared to Russell T. Davies. But Moffat (along with Mark Gatiss and Stephen Thompson) does such a great job at Sherlock, and I 1000000% recommend it!!

Anyway, thank you all for being so wonderful and beautiful. Hope your holidays were totally fantabulous. Make 2014 your year!


One thought on “May 2014 be all you ever dreamed of!

  1. I’m so sorry about your wrist! D: It’s sounds super painful.

    So you want to stop procrastination. I wish you the best of luck; that’s been my dream for several years now.

    Don’t you just hate when you’re around a gorgeous person of the opposite gender, and you sort of blurt out nerdy rubbish, and then an hour later you think of all the witty, impressive stuff you could have said instead? …or is that just me? Anyway, good luck with your infatuation.

    There is no way your writing is pitiful! You know, whenever one of your posts pops up in my email, ’cause I’ve subscribed, I get super jealous because I compare my writing to yours and then I facepalm.

    The life of a fangirl is torturous. You know how in The God Complex, the Doctor and his companions went to that hotel with rooms full of your worst fears? Well, I’m fairly sure that if I found my room, my greatest fear would be season finales. Especially Moffat finales. He leaves us with these ginormous cliffhangers, and just laughs at us for TWO YEARS until finally the next season airs. But I suppose it was *almost* worth the wait for The Empty Hearse. It was totally a love letter to the fans. I sort of coughed violently for a minute when Moriarty and Sherlock almost kissed. I loved the episode.

    As for Doctor Who, I totally agree with you about RTD being the better show runner, but sometimes the Moff makes super awesome episodes/storylines, and sometimes he just totally misses the mark. To be honest I think his episodes were better when he was writing in the RTD era. Blink was amazing. The only thing I hate about the RTD era was that it made me cry so much. It was heartbreaking! In the end he goes insane and tries to defy time and so Adelaide commits suicide and the Doctor sacrifices himself for Wilf after remarking that regenerating is like dying and then he limps into the TARDIS and dies all alone.

    I think the Moff era was much happier, and I was left feeling totally satisfied with the Ponds’ goodbye because they had a good life and grew old together.

    Well, this comment is pointlessly long. Sorry about all the fandom rambling. I don’t get many chances to let it all out. Happy holidays!

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