like the good ol’ days!

ive been thinking about how much ive been slacking off on posting/writing/doing anything much, really, for this blog!! so i wanted to know if you guys would want to start another collaborative story or some group project like that!!

ive got like a BILLION story ideas i want to write out, so i think it would be a lot of fun if we did one of those stories where we switch authors every chapter and just see where it goes, submit a character, or just provide like illustrations and stuff for each others’ stories!!

if we decided to do something along those lines, which kind of story would you guys be most interested in writing? i have a few story ideas i can type up right now:

  • a kingdom watches with baited breath as an ancient curse clouds the skies and lives of the people outside the castle walls. However, as the king (who has recently murdered his way to the throne) and his court keep themselves safe, a brave young peasant (who may just be the lost rightful heir to the throne) and his friends must stand up and face powerful dark forces to save everything they love
  • after a young man is hired as a librarian/manuscript caretaker and restorer at a prestigious university, he begins to uncover long-forgotten stories and secrets about the two reigning dieties, facts that dont exactly correspond with the stories people worship now. at first  he thinks nothing of it, but when his friend is arrested for heresy shorty after jumping on the ibrarian’s ship and a mysterious attack on a young oracle he can’t help but wonder if he’s onto something bigger than he ever coud have imagined.
  • when a girl wakes up to find her desert hometown competey abandoned save her old, secretive babysitter, a restless man who won’t tell her what he’s looking  for, and a cute, charming guy she’s never seen but feels like she knows, her search for answers reveals that not everything is what it seems. her quest for answers turns into a fight for her life as she strugges to escape the strange netherworld in which she has been ensnared.

theyre  all pretty lame, so im super excited to hear what you guys come up with!! i have a few characters in mind for each story (as you can probs tell from the description) and wil try to see if i can postpictures (it depends on if i actualy get any studying done for my mid-term on monday…. yikes!!), but pretty much everything here is completely optional/open to change and any kind of revision!

also, if you guys dont want to do something as mega complicated/long term as this, how about just a secret santa?


2 thoughts on “like the good ol’ days!

  1. Your ideas aren’t lame at all — I really like them! I wish I could come up with something, but I’m not the best person to go to for story ideas ^^; We could totally go with one of your ideas! It sounds like so much fun to do a rotational story!

    Ahh, I really wish I was here for a possible Secret Santa! It’s OK though, there’s always next Christmas, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. :o)

    1. omg thank you friend!! im sorry i totally forgot about this post i made!! :p and YES YOU ARE omg your story ideas are the bomb diggity .com!!

      if theres ever a secret santa, theres NO WAY we wouldnt include you!! you have always worked so hard to set them up, its incredible!! we should have like a “rainfall appreciation” exchange where we all just make stuff for YOU!! you rock girlie!!

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