so this week has been like HUUUGE for me!! i had 2 princess parties and a voice recital! WHEW

i was anna on friday and OH



the kids were SO fantastic and i had SOOO much fun being anna!! first they chased me around with flesh eating flowers, then i was chased by evil bumble bees (and saved by butterflies!! WHEW!), and then THEY started devouring me (i turned into a ghost), and then they froze me solid like a million times!! it was a(n icy) BLAST!

the one thing i found SUUUPER funny is that they kept asking about hans! they also looved elsa (they asked me to sing her song, not anna’s and i was like aight i see how it is)!

i was rapunzel on saturday, and the gig was actually at my other workplace for an ice cream social!

the voice recital was SOO COOOL! im super lucky to be friends with such talented people!! :’D

but aside from all this great stuff it has also been super weird

after the party at which i was anna finished up, i was waiting to be picked up with a few of my co-workers and we saw a really sketchy guy walk by like SUUUPER close to the building! now its a dance studio, so the windows are like wide open and we were all freaking out and trying to think of stuff to use as weapons (i think i grabbed the limbo stick), but he just walked by and we were like WHEW! also there was a food delivery truck (who delivers food at 9 pm? we were convinced it was a front!) and like a BAJILLION cats, and then some random guy just watching them. it was super sketch!

as far as costuming goes, i am like 1/2 way through the leafy things!!


my dog was having a little fun there i guess, but the embroidery hoop is in place around #5!! the end is so close i can taste it

ill probably start working on the cape over winter break, and ive got a couple other things on the agenda (fixing my way-too-big ariel costume, fixing my way-too-yucky rapunzel costume), so im excited for school to finally be OUT!

has anything super weird happene to you guys lately? how about super awesome? and what do you plan to do over break?


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  1. Oh that’s so cool you dress up for the kids! Haha, and that’s funny!

    Yikes, that must be freaky… and a bajillion cats? XD I kinda laughed at that part.

    1. it is such a great job omg!! they are always so cute an excited!!

      yes omg it was SO STRANGE we like looked across the street and there was a man there and we were like ok…? and then we saw the 38829 cats an were like omg

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