Wow FUN!!

so basically i have had the best week EVER!!!!





i literally am addicted to the soundtrack! my friend and i have memorized the songs already! (my family hates it… hehe ^^’)

and the story was so great and beautiful!! aaaaaah and the arT AND CHARACTERS IM IN LOVE WITH ALL OF IT AND ALL OF THEM!!

definitely going to try to see it again!!

i went to see it with my friends!!…



unfortunately, my friend wasnt comfortable wearing her dress so i didnt have my elsa! 😥 she didnt have a lot of time to work on her costume, as she had to use my sewing machine!


as you can probably tell, mine wasnt completely finished, either! i still have some embroidery to finish on the skirt, and i have to find better buttons for my poor blouse!


besides the incomplete and unfinished stuff, though, i have to say i am really happy with this costume!! i honestly expected embroidery and wig-fiber wefting to be a lot more disastrous on my first go! also it doesnt hurt that i absolutely LOVE anna, and that being in character is a LOT of fun!!

omg i got ao distracted by frozen fun that i almost forgot!

i spent thanksgiving day with my little cousin who LOVES brave! we fought mor’du and drew all day long!

she also loved anna, so when i drew a picture of elsa and she drew a pic of anna she wanted me to tape them together in my notebook so they would be next to each other!! SHE WAS SOOOO CUTE!



14 thoughts on “Wow FUN!!

  1. Your dress is SOO pretty!!! You always make the best outfits! I can’t even find the right words for it; it’s just totally supermegafoxyawesomehot.

    I haven’t seen Frozen yet, but I keep hearing rave reviews about it! Maybe I’ll watch it sometime over the rest of winter break!

    I love your drawings. She sounds totally adorable. :o)

    1. awww omg thank you!!! :’D it took a LOT of time (probably more than the reasonable amount) and im sure you could do the same if you had the time and resources!!! being comfortable with a sewing machine makes everything so much less daunting!!

      OMG ITS AMAZING!!! you should definitely see it (if you havent by now, as im like a month late replying ^^”) because its AWESOOMEEEE

      yes she totally is!! she drew me a pirate to keep me safe from mor’du, and i keep him in my wallet!

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