Winter is Coming (An Update on Everything.)

I keep reblogging posts from my personal blog. I guess it’s better than copying the entire post, but it also shows how lazy I am for not making two different posts.

My Crazy, Beautiful Life

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, and I’m also sorry for apologizing for it all the time.

My birthday was great, so was Day of the Doctor. My sister and I were practically holding each other and squeaking throughout the entire show. We loved it.

  • How did you like it, and did you see it in a theater or at home?

My band just got some Christmas music the other day, and now I’m excited about Christmas, even though we just had Thanksgiving. Darn you, festive music.

Anyway, I have to play one of the songs with a girl who flat out admitted she couldn’t read rhythms, even though she played in Grade School.

…We’re playing this:

Send help.
Send help.

I’m not saying this is the hardest song ever, but the fact you’re playing with a girl who is keeps making up crap because she has no freaking idea…

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